Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
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Date 2006-11-21
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Thrillville Visit Thrillville and step into a nonstop party in a theme park that you create. Customize your park, interact with guests like never before, and build and hop into your own roller coasters and other rides. For the first time ever, race on go-kart tracks you constructed, play mini-golf on courses you designed, and more. Join friends for dozens of four-player party games, from bumper cars to arcade shoot-em-ups. You can also tour the park on foot a first for theme-park titles chatting and jo

- Build, manage, ride, customize and socialize your way through the five theme parks youve created. Play with your friends in the park of your dreams.
- Thrillville boasts the simplest, most intuitive development tools available for all 75-plus ride types, from wooden, corkscrew and inverted coasters to merry-go-rounds, trains and all your favorite carnival rides.
- Complete up to 150 missions so that you can you retain Uncle Mortimers legacy and fend off the threat of Globo-Joy.
- Midway games are more than simple props for your park you can actually play them! Of the 22 available, 18 are multiplayer, 16 can be placed wherever you want them, and 10 can be customized to your liking.
- Examples of midway games include bumper cars, saucer soccer, remote-control cars, shooting gallery, mini-golf, rhythm challenges, arcade-style shoot-em-ups and puzzlers, and much more.
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