Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 9184
Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
Date 2001-10-12
Publisher Eidos
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtConsoles have never been big for helicopter simulations so the arrival of Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix for the PlayStation 2 is a welcome one. Kitted out with a run-of-the-mill high tech chopper (every home should have one) and armed to the teeth with weapons of reasonable destruction, the aim of the game is to pound the enemy into the ground over a series of well-defined and nicely plotted missions. Both of the DualShock 2's analogue sticks are put into effect to accomplish control over your chopper, the left stick handling yaw and the right handling the pitch; this proves a little tricky to get to grips with at first--it took a good 30 minutes of practice at the target range to get the hang of helicopter manoeuvring--but once you've sussed it out it's intuitive and very effective. The missions are nicely paced, requiring a mix of armaments the player can set themselves, but the real skill of the game comes not from gung-ho head-on assaults on the enemy. A more measured approach involving sneaking and pop-up attacks will win every time, especially if you've no rockets left and are relying on the front-mounted chain gun. Graphically, Thunderhawk is pretty good--it's not going to win any medals but there are some lovely touches which really add to the atmosphere, including lightning and rain so real you can almost feel the wetness on your skin. If nothing else, Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix is a competent and fun game to play. It's not too difficult but the gameplay has been factored in such a way as to provide a passable challenge. The visuals are all you could expect from a chopper sim but don't detract from the fact that once you're in the game world it's possible to lose hours of your life at a sitting. --Chris Russell

- Crush hostile terrorist air and ground forces in teh Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. , Customize your chooper with hell fire missiles, heat bombs, sniper scopes, chain guns, and much more! , Destroy bridges, rescue hostages, attack oil rigs, and confront the enemy in over 25 missions! Format: PLAYSTATION II
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