Time Crisis 3 Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : 9.0
Overall : 8.0
Review by Patrick 'Rhett' Moore

Back in the old days, games arose with flying objects on screens, that you used some sort of 'gun' to shoot them with; bringing lightgun technology into play. Throughout the years since then, different scenarios and storylines have appeared, using this technology (which is now, a lot more complex). This spawned a franchise called TimeCrisis. This series has appeared in arcade platforms all over the world, and now moving onto the PS2 after the original PS1 console releases.

Time Crisis is a story about some people working at the VSSE, an organization bent on elite counter-terrorist training. The story begins when an island nation called Lukano is assaulted by a massive army. This army takes over the entire island, and takes some special forces agents hostage. You and your ally are sent in from the VSSE to stop this madness, and restore order.


As it is a lightgun-shooter, it is extremely fast paced and relies on fast reflexes in order to catch the occasional bonus enemy that pops in and out in 2 seconds. After starting the game's Arcade story mode, you start out by a two-man assault force onto the island, fighting up through beaches, and into complexes. While fighting through these mazes, enemies will keep appearing from many random places, such as the floor panels, bust through walls, and come out from behind crates, just to attack you. As you get farther and farther in the game, newer and different environments appear, such as a train, a town, and a missile silo among others.

With these new levels come newer and deadlier enemies, like flame troopers, rocket soldiers, officers, and deadly bosses that have huge amounts of health, but vigorous warfare happens when they start to attack you, while troopers are coming up on your sides, trying to nail you. Which also brings about a new feature in Time Crisis – Health Bars. All enemies have small life gages above them, to tell how much damage you do to them, and so forth. As I mentioned previously, the enemies you meet later in the game have harder health bars, and take more and more hits from your weapons.

Time Crisis 3 also introduces a newer ducking feature, with accompanying weapon loadouts, such as a shotgun or grenade launcher. By ducking down, you just have to hit the fire button, and you can scroll between each of your weapons. Some special officers that are silver, carry ammo and let it out up to 3 times (the amount you shoot them). Although there are only 4 weapons in total that you can mess around with, there are plenty of destructible objects in the game (like Jeeps, barrels, gas cans, fuel tanks) that will do massive damage to a group of enemies, and a massive payday on your score. Overall with gameplay, it's fast, it's furious, and it's a reflex killer. While it's possible to play with the regular controller, Namco's Guncon2 light gun is highly recommended, as it really makes it all as easy as pointing and shooting.


Graphics have been upgraded and now run smoother, as it's ported onto a faster and more powerful system than the PSX and Arcade consoles. Buildings and items are textured smoothly, soldiers are fluid, and explosions are cheap, yet effective.
Not really much to review for graphics, because they are mostly the original TC3 Arcade versions textures and models, but more fluid with an upgraded console. Not perfect, but not ugly, mostly vibrant and rich in color.


Besides the thousands of gunshots that will happen throughout levels, music plays violently to the pace of battle. Although this music isn't awesomely overwhelming, it does the trick. Even though you won't be listening to much music (as I turned mine off after a while - I'm not a music person) because of battle, and the main focus of the enemies and rockets bursting at you. Don't get your hopes up, this is mostly the lowest point in the game.


It's obviously fun having two people gunning and watching each other's back while fighting off an army. Although the GunCon 2's are slightly inaccurate, they do the job. This is as fun as the Arcades, without the allowance-money mass-spending you did back in middle and high school.


Time Crisis 3 does very well for a lightgun shooter. The PlayStation 2 handles all of the action with a steady framerate, and has a couple new modes that are PS2 exclusive. A large update to the original arcade version of TC3, without having to walk down 2 blocks to the local arcade shop to spend 20$ to fight off that last boss.