Total Overdose
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Date 2006-09-27
Publisher Eidos
Date 2005-09-16
Publisher Eidos
Total Overdose Total Overdose United Kingdom Retail Box ArtGo undercover as Ramiro Cruz in an action-packed, tequila-fuelled rampage or revenge through Mexico's dangerous crime underworld in search of your father's killer. Welcome to the world of Los Toros, where no rules exist. Master a series of deadly, freestyle kill moves in 18 different open-ended environments from stylized Mexican neighborhoods and jungle hideouts to the swanky California coast. Total Overdose is an over-the-top third person cinematic adventure!

- Features -
- More than 60 Super Cool Moves - Combine different moves to pull off high scoring kills. It's not just about shooting, but doing it with style
- Uber-Cool Characters - Hot babes, drug lords and underworld low-lifes. Ram meets and beats them all
- Free Style Combat & Stunt System - Link up acrobatic skills and special kills to earn big scores and rewards. Combo chains unlock loco moves, weapons & power ups
- Combo Timer - Each time you waste a bandito, the Combo Timer starts a countdown. If the countdown reaches zero, the current combo is calculated as number of kills multiplied by style points and added to your total score
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Total Overdose North America Retail Box Art

Total Overdose United Kingdom Retail Box Art