World Rally Championship
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Date 2001-11-30
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtWatching the intro to World Rally Championship leaves you in no doubt that this is a quality title--and you won't be disappointed when you arrive at the business end of the game, either. All the courses are modelled extremely well, giving a real feel for the differing types of terrain you must traverse, and the cars are even more stunningly put together. Watch as suspension springs move under the arches while you career around bends--and if you really get the car sideways you'll even be able to see the brake calipers behind those lovely alloys. What's more, each stage is introduced by a glorious full motion video describing the venue and conditions you're likely to face at the event. Be warned, however--this is one tough cookie of a game, and you'll need to beat the normal difficulty mode before you can try Professional. As the voice over for the full Championship Intro says, "With the World Rally Championship, it's not just a question of winning, but surviving". With a well executed two-player mode that'll keep both you and your friends entertained until the small hours, and even the option to register online and be in with a chance of winning a real Mitsubishi rally car (for a limited time, of course), could you want any more? We don't think so. --Andi Flower

- Carries the official license of the WRC sporting organization
- Offers 14 different real-world rallies, as well as 5 special head-to-head events for a varied gameplay experience
- Designed to deliver a television-style presentation, complete with animated drivers and co-drivers that respond to your driving
- Experience the realism as cars in the game absorb damage and become dirty as the race progresses
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