World Rally Championship Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.5
Review by Thomas Cap
First of all I want to thank (again) the people at SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment Austria) and my press contact, the team at "Agentur Impuls", for sending me a copy of this game for review purpose.


"The racing game that made a no-racing game player play racing games..." The reviewed PS2 DVD is the PAL Promotion version (identical to the retail version from what I can say) and was reviewed on a PAL SCPH-30004 on a 100 Hz PAL TV (by Sony of course)

To be honest I didn't play the game at first (except for popping it in for about 5 minutes), because I was reviewing and playing Klonoa 2 and further more I have never been a big fan of Racing games.

So finally, three days ago, I began to seriously play it because I
had some free time at hand and - to tell the thruth - because I had somewhat the feeling that I SHOULD review it since Sony sent it to me. Now imagine my surprise when my back hurt a few hours later because of playing too much. I cann't exactly point at WHAT made me, the racing disliker, like that game that much but for you I will point out the good and bad (although not many of them) things I found in the game and let you make up your own mind.


The graphics in WRC are state-of-the-art for Racing games on the PS2 from what can I say. Racing at 180 km per hour up a narrow mountain route through dense snow fall or through a dry valley with dust whirling up behind you you might not have time to watch the beautiful landscape and perhaps even the sunset behind the mountains. So - try to lean back and drive slowly at least once through every level - you will love it I promise. The only thing I DISLIKED about the landscape is that the trees are obviously made without any love - see the screenshot to know what I mean. I have to admit although that I *think* that there has to be a (perhaps technical e.g. RAM) reason that the trees are made without love - looking at the effort the people at Evolution Studios put into the graphics I cann't imagine it happened because they were to lazy or something else.


"Left 3 into Right 2" Nope I didn't get crazy while writting this review - just like in a "real" Rally you have your co-pilot during the whole race which will read from "the bible" to aid you find your way. In fact during the first 2 minutes I thought that this is in fact a little annoying sometimes but after playing for about 20 minutes I began to like the guy - during heavy snowfall and sometimes even during clear water you often would see a curve to late to react in time - and then your buddy is a GREAT help.

The thing I actually liked most of the game (and you might think thats a little odd to say) ISN'T actually playing the game but watching a race I have already finished using the "replay function" the game offers (you can choose to save the replay after each race to your memory card). Watching the race from a third person perspective (or even a helicopter view - my personal favourite) you can enjoy the superb graphics and sometimes you really have the feeling that you actually are watching a real-life Rally.

Last Word:

  • graphics
  • much game for your money

  • CONS
  • 1,7 MB+ on my precious memory card ? No sir, I don't think so
  • the trees!
  • sometimes the tracks are a little too hard (having the time to beat in mind)