X-Men Legends
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2004-09-21
Publisher Activision
Date 2004-10-22
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAlthough it was actually the first X-Men film that ushered in the current wave of (mostly) quality superhero films, the best the video game world has ever had to shout about is the Spider-Man games. This could all be about to change though as X-Men: Legends looks to be one of the first games to both do justice to its source and play a decent game at the same time. Rather than being a simplistic fighting game, X-Men: Legends is actually an action role-playing game cum real-time strategy. The game is viewed from an overhead perspective and you get to take control of a team of four X-Men, chosen from a wider range of the comics best and brightest. You can only control one character at a time though, with the others following along behind and reacting to danger semi-autonomously. You always have full control of the mood and tactics of all your team members though, being able to set them as passive or aggressive as well as choosing their formation and position in the team. Each level also features multiple "extraction points" so you can quickly swap new team members into your group and generally you're given as much control over strategy and tactics as you could wish. It's always nice to see a company trying something a bit different with a license and, although both graphics and gameplay do occasionally appear a little simplistic, X-Men and RPG fans alike should find plenty to enjoy here. -- David Jenkins

- Choose a team of 4 powerful X-Men for each mission, switching between them in real-time controls
- After solving problems and facing enemies, players will get to upgrade character attributes -- unlock new moves and skills while you play, to build a better team
- Epic storyline with plot twists, intrigue and cliffhangers
- Explore a 3D game world with fully-destructible environments and fully-rendered cinematic sequences
- Intense multiplayer modes for up to 4 others -- plus dynamic joining lets gaming partners jump in at any time
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