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AMY Launch Trailer (HD)
48.95MB - 100 downloads - 11 January, 2012

The story takes place in December 2034. Global warming has taken effect, causing widespread disease and an upsurge in natural disasters around the globe. The small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) is directly affected - mostly by a comet that has crashed into town. As Lana, one of Silver's stricken citizens, regains consciousness - she witnesses the onset of a new kind of mayhem. Violent outbursts, fury, rage, wreckage and death: the world she knew seems to have gone to hell.

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Amy Enemies and Combat Trailer (HD)
36.23MB - 52 downloads - 16 December, 2011

As you can see, Amy is not about giving you huge power against enemies and giving players an action-oriented experience. Amy goes back to the roots of the survival-horror genre, and provides edge-of-your-seat suspense that will keep you wondering what's around the next corner.

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AMY Lara and Amy's Relationship Trailer (HD)
44.65MB - 46 downloads - 4 November, 2011

New footage from upcoming PSN survival-horror game shows unusual partner gameplay (2:50)

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AMY Contamination Trailer
83.88MB - 43 downloads - 14 October, 2011

The cooperative gameplay featured in AMY is a deep and unique system that requires players to strategize in order to protect Amy and keep both characters alive (2:20)

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AMY GamesCom 2011 Trailer
79.83MB - 72 downloads - 22 August, 2011

1:13 of cinematic footage

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AMY Video Dev Diary #1
40.32MB - 45 downloads - 22 June, 2011

1:45 of in-engine footage

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