Bound by Flame
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Bound by Flame Launch Trailer (HD)
39.09MB - 125 downloads - 5 May, 2014

This latest Bound by Flame video highlights one of the important elements in the game, the background story and the gameplay: the relationship between the hero and the flame demon that possesses him. The choices and decisions you make in the game will determine if you allow your demonic side to predominate and gradually transform you physically in exchange for his powerful fire magic, or if you resist the demon's control and retain your humanity to develop your heroic skills. Your human/demon duality will have a notable impact not only on your approach to the extremely tactical combat in the game, but also on the reaction of the people around you, particularly your relationship with your companions. It is therefore a central component in Bound by Flame that will influence your game experience depending on your choices and also assure gameplay longevity: players who want to try every possible way of progressing through the adventure are sure to start the game again to make totally different decisions from the first time!

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Bound by Flame Music Trailer (HD)
53.87MB - 54 downloads - 25 April, 2014

Olivier Derivière is a composer who won multiple awards for his work in video games (Remember Me, Assassin's Creed 4). In this video illustrated by many new sequences and enthralling excerpts from the game's soundtrack, Olivier tells us about his work on Bound by Flame. This is also the opportunity to discover singer Iré Zhekova, who gives her voice to some of the game's musics. These two artists first explain how they steeped the music in an atmosphere of loneliness and despair conveyed in the dark atmosphere of the game. They also describe how they combined a murmuring choir with the clear sound of a single voice full of emotion to produce a sense of contrast between the game hero and the flame demon possessing him. They invented an imaginary language for Iré's singing to explore the human voice and express emotions beyond the meaning of words and to express feelings of hope and fear. A total of several hours of original music was created for the game, which embraces many different styles and also enhances the somber and unique atmosphere that is the hallmark of this epic roleplay title. You can listen to more extracts from this extraordinary musical oeuvre on the artist's SoundCloud page: Olivier Derivière!

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Bound by Flame Combat Demo #2 (HD)
49.93MB - 62 downloads - 4 April, 2014

This video is brand new and 100% pure gameplay - no special effects, no cutscenes.

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Bound by Flame Combat Demo #1 (HD)
24.81MB - 80 downloads - 28 March, 2014

Check out the first ingame footage of Bound by Flame's combat.

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Bound by Flame Journey Through Vertiel Trailer (HD)
56.26MB - 62 downloads - 14 February, 2014

This trailer focuses on the game mechanics, the hero's human/demon duality, combat, the bestiary, the "craft" system and much more.

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Bound by Flame Epic Story Trailer (HD)
25.14MB - 111 downloads - 13 December, 2013

The new video once again provides an exciting glimpse into some of the extraordinary creatures in the vast bestiary in this role-playing game. The bestiary in Bound by Flame comprises some unique and impressive creatures, each with their own behavior, which makes the battles both tactically deep and spectacular. The rich combat system in the game is matched only by the player's freedom of action; he will be confronted with numerous decisions and different choices throughout the quest that could dramatically change how the plot unfolds. The player is possessed by a flame demon and will face a constant dilemma: should he allow the demon to exert its influence to use its mighty powers of fire, or reject its influence and develop his own heroic skills? The alignment of the player between his demonic and human side will affect various game events, quests and his relationships with his many companions.

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Bound by Flame Teaser Trailer (HD)
56.79MB - 134 downloads - 12 September, 2013

The combat system of Mars War Logs, the previous RPG made by Spiders Studio, seduced players with its dynamic and tactical approach. Bound by Flame goes even further, taking as a base this successful recipe, but offering a bigger selection of attacks and skills, more fluid and spectacular animations, and the use of Magic. All this contributes to making Bound by Flame's combat very impressive, but also resolutely tactical, as players face a huge, original bestiary filled with otherworldly creatures. This is being shown in today's video, in the thunderous clash of three warriors' twirling blades facing an outnumbering enemy and a seriously big surprise.

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