Final Fantasy XIII
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
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Date 2007-03-30
In a nutshell:A new Final Fantasy game was always going to be a given for the PlayStation 3 but the teaser trailer shown by Square Enix at E3 shows that work on the new game is far more advanced, and far more impressive, than previously thought.The lowdown:Through careful study of the trailer and the few pieces of information Square Enix have left slip it’s revealed that the new game is set across several different time periods, with each episode of the story starring a different cast of characters. The trailer showed a very futuristic looking world as well as some lush looking forest environments. How much of what was seen is actual real-time PlayStation 3 graphics is unclear, but the fact that it’s so difficult to tell which is which speaks volumes about the game’s quality. The only other fact known about the game is that, despite some rumours to the contrary, it does not feature an online mode.Most exciting moment: Getting a glimpse of the all new combat system which seems to suggest a new, more action orientated, direction for the blockbusting series.Since you ask:Two spin-offs of the game are already planned, one called Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PS3 and the other called Final Fantasy Agito XIII for mobile phones.The bottom line: A milestone in the history of the world’s most famous role-playing game series.Harrison Dent
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