Heavenly Sword
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 211
Date N/A
Date 2007-03-30
In a nutshell: Amongst all the games that were actually playable on the PS3 at the recent E3 event in Los Angeles this was the most impressive, both in terms of gameplay and graphics. Not only that but it’s a completely original game, not a sequel or a remake. The lowdown: Already nicknamed by some as Goddess of War, due to its apparent similarities to PS2 game God of War, the storyline of the game is unclear but it features a typically attractive and super skilled martial arts heroine as she knocks seven bells out of a stream of ninja like bad guys. The various moves look stunning, in particular an eye-watering groin attack aimed at the male enemies (the game features motion capture by Gollum and King Kong actor Andy Serkis). The E3 demo level takes place in a small, and completely destructible, arena but other test footage shows an expansive and impressively realistic looking game world to explore and demolish. Most exciting moment: Towards the end of the demo the game segues into a QTE (quick time event) sequence where you have to tap the buttons according to icons flashed onscreen, which sees you performing even more outrageous stunts and attacks. Since you ask: Developers Ninja Theory used to be known as Just Add Monsters, under which name they made comedy beat ‘em-up Kung Fu Chaos for the Xbox. The bottom line: The best looking, and playing, game so far on the PS3. HARRISON DENT
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