Interstellar Marines
Genre Action -> FPS
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At the dawn of the 22nd century, manís lust for resources has taken him beyond Earth and into space. This new frontier has brought new challenges and opportunities, dangers and rewards, and out there, in the dark, awaits the ultimate discovery: another sentient species.A next generation FPS, INTERSTELLAR MARINES puts the player in the role of an Interstellar Marine soldier and lets him experience the thrill of a tour of duty in outer space where his decisions can affect the future of mankind.INTERSTELLAR MARINES is an AAA, FPS, Sci-fi, action and adventure game with an original and unpredictable storyline featuring single and cooperative gameplay, with heavy focus on realism.

Singleplayer or up to four players cooperative
Custom game modes featuring arcade, RPG and tactical elements
Captivating storyline with heavy focus on realism
Advanced weapons simulation
Randomized and non-linear gameplay
Character growth and specialization
Fully interactive environments
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