Killzone 3
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 1364
Date N/A
Publisher SCEA
Date N/A
Publisher S.C.E.E.
The story begins where Killzone 2 left off, with Visari, the vicious Helghast dictator, lying dead at the feet of Special Forces soldiers Sev and Rico. The battle may have been won but the war is far from over. Visari's death has left behind a world of political scheming, infighting and outright murder. Meanwhile his parting gift, a nuclear bomb detonated in Phyruss, the Helghan Capital, has decimated the ISA invasion force. With no re-enforcements and supplies quickly running out, you must now fight against ruthless Helghast war machine alone. With levels ten times bigger than in Killzone 2, this is Helghan like you've never seen it before. You'll face brutal combat in a host of environments that threaten to bury you on the deadly planet. Killzone 3 will see you trudge through toxic nuclear wastelands, get lost in a lethal alien jungle, fight in bitter arctic conditions and take the battle into space as you fight against Helghast domination - with every location featuring a distinct gameplay style for you to master.Killzone 3 will be fully playable in Stereoscopic 3D, immersing you more deeply into the ferocious world and putting you at the heart of the action. But be careful. While you experience this world in incredible, High Definition, Stereoscopic 3D detail - you'll learn to fear what's around every single corner.
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Killzone 3 Multiplayer Experience Trailer (HD)
47.99MB - 107 downloads - 28 February, 2012

Introducing Killzone3 Multiplayer, the complete online multiplayer mode from the gritty and intense first-person shooter, available for download via PlayStation Network. The Multiplayer experience allows players immediate access to the Killzone 3 online universe and includes every multiplayer map, including every add-on map pack.

play Killzone 3 Multiplayer Experience Trailer (HD.. download Killzone 3 Multiplayer Experience Trailer (HD..
Killzone Universe Trailer (HD)
92.64MB - 169 downloads - 28 March, 2011

A live action short that takes place before the events of the Killzone games (4:31).

play Killzone Universe Trailer (HD) download Killzone Universe Trailer (HD)
Killzone 3 Launch Trailer (HD)
35.22MB - 404 downloads - 23 February, 2011

1:39 of cinematic and gameplay footage

play Killzone 3 Launch Trailer (HD) download Killzone 3 Launch Trailer (HD)
Killzone 3 BTS Trailer (HD)
65.84MB - 240 downloads - 29 January, 2011

An exclusive part of the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition extras (1:51)

play Killzone 3 BTS Trailer (HD) download Killzone 3 BTS Trailer (HD)
Killzone 3 Multiplayer Trailer (HD)
207.59MB - 154 downloads - 27 January, 2011

1:31 of gameplay footage

play Killzone 3 Multiplayer Trailer (HD) download Killzone 3 Multiplayer Trailer (HD)
Killzone 3 Killstreak Trailer (HD)
79.01MB - 158 downloads - 25 January, 2011

3:30 of multiplayer footage

play Killzone 3 Killstreak Trailer (HD) download Killzone 3 Killstreak Trailer (HD)
Killzone 3 Story Trailer
7.94MB - 251 downloads - 6 January, 2011

2:09 of cinematic footage

play Killzone 3 Story Trailer download Killzone 3 Story Trailer
Killzone 3 Beta Trailer (HD)
16.45MB - 227 downloads - 8 October, 2010

1:28 of gameplay footage

play Killzone 3 Beta Trailer (HD) download Killzone 3 Beta Trailer (HD)
Killzone 3 E3 2010 Trailer (HD)
82.94MB - 536 downloads - 23 June, 2010

1:59 of cinematic and gameplay footage

play Killzone 3 E3 2010 Trailer (HD) download Killzone 3 E3 2010 Trailer (HD)
Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer (HD)
12.34MB - 271 downloads - 3 June, 2010

0;47 of teaser footage

play Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer (HD) download Killzone 3 Teaser Trailer (HD)