Last Rebellion
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 4930
Date 2010-02-23
Publisher NIS America Inc
Date 2010-03-12
Last Rebellion Revenge of the Ninth Degree! After Nine is betrayed and killed by his brother, Nine wants nothing more than revenge for his own murder. To stay alive he is forced to share his body and soul with the female Aisha, a magical sealer who must help Nina become the heir and savior of his family. In Last Rebellion, Nine is a Blade, whose specialty is physical attacks, and Aisha is a Sealer, who casts magic spells. Because they share a single body, players must switch between the two during the battle and strategically choose which one attacks first.

A new RPG from Nippon Ichi Software and HitMaker
A story of revenge featuring a dark anti-hero
Tactical battle system with interchangeable main characters
Attractive, visual characters bursting with personality
Gorgeous watercolor-like character art and event scenes
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