Lights, Camera, Party!
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Lights, Camera, Party! Launch Trailer (HD)
36.61MB - 41 downloads - 29 August, 2012

When the Funzini family is forced to move, they endure an array of punishing events on a sadistic game show. This fast-paced party game features hilarious characters and outrageous mini-games, and is perfect for small gatherings or larger parties.

play Lights, Camera, Party! Launch Trailer (HD) download Lights, Camera, Party! Launch Trailer (HD)
Lights, Camera, Party! Trailer (HD)
22.84MB - 41 downloads - 31 July, 2012

Feed pizza to an angry dinosaur, throw bananas at a sleeping crowd of monkeys, blast cow-stealing UFOs, jump over a kiddie pool full of hungry sharks and obliterate candy-filled piņatas. All this and so much more in this unique, fast-paced, motion-controlled, insanely hilarious multiplayer party game for up to 8 simultaneous players.

play Lights, Camera, Party! Trailer (HD) download Lights, Camera, Party! Trailer (HD)