Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtAt the beginning of the game, players have access to 24 playable characters. From the Marvel universe players can choose from Cable, Marrow, Cyclops, Captain America, Dr. Doom, Rogue, Psylocke, Wolverine (bone claw version), Iceman, Spider-Man, Hulk or Venom. The line-up of Capcom characters includes Jill, Tron, Rubyheart, Son Son, Amingo, Hayato, Sakura, Guile, Ryu, Zangief, Anakaris and Strider. As players meet certain conditions they will gain access to many hidden and secret characters.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 includes all the features from the arcade version. Now as never before, players can choose a character to experience three-on-three fighting mayhem. Players can perform limitless Hyper Combos, Crossover Counters, Advancing Guard and Super Jumps, all popular features from the acclaimed “vs” series.

Real 3-on-3 tag team battle!
More than 50 playable characters
Team Hyper Combo – Allows three characters to perform Super Combos successively.
Snap Back – Forces opponents to change characters
Assist Type Select – Players choose their favorite assist attack
Crossover Attack – Players can change characters in the thick of battle
Crossover Assist – Waiting character rushes on screen to assist your playing character
Crossover Counter – Waiting character performs lifesaving counterattacks
Crossover Combination – Three characters perform a Super Combo simultaneously
Advancing Guard – Allows players to push back their opponent
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