Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
Genre Action -> Fighting
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Date 2006-11-15
Publisher Namco
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail 
Box ArtMobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire is your chance to choose a side in the war that defined the classic anime series! Nine months have passed since Zeon forces invaded the Earth. At the brink of annihilation, the Earth Federation Forces are mobilizing to launch a massive counter assault against the occupying forces. Will you join the Federation Army to repel the invaders from the Earth, or pledge your alliance to Zeon and claim the Earth to free humanity from Earth's gravity? Form your own mobile assault force, strategize their next moves and battle with them side by side while you command them to triumph.

- Live the war of the future - Witness high-definition CG quality graphics reanimate the world around you, ultra-realistically
- Command a Mobile Suit squadron for either the The Earth Federation Force or The Zeon Forces - Order them to attack, halt, gather, scatter, dash to the front, barrage and more
- Each body part of a mobile suit has its own unique durability -- target hands, arms, legs and heads for multiple types of damage effects
- Accomplish your mission objectives to claim achievement points -- use them to strategically upgrade and customize your MS
- Upgrade and customize your Mobile Suits - Reinforce its armor, upgrade its weapon, strengthen its attack power -- there are over 30 mobile suits for you to control
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