Resistance: Fall of Man
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date 2007-03-30
Resistance: Fall of Man United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell: With the new Killzone game currently AWOL this looks like being the first big exclusive first person shoot ‘em-up on the PS3. It’s got sizeable shoes to fill but with an armoury to make Master Chief green(er) with envy it could just pull it off. The lowdown: Although there were some criticisms that this game seemed a little over familiar in terms of gameplay you certainly couldn’t say the same of the storyline. It’s set in 1950s Britain, where Russia and Europe has been overrun by a nasty alien race and Blighty is next in the firing line (although you actually play as an American). The graphics are good, without being stunning, but the highlight of what’s been seen so far is the weapons, including one that shoots bullets that can burrow through walls and a machine gun that fires a tag at enemies for homing bullets to follow. All the environments are fully destructible, as illustrated when using the wide range of grenades, including the particularly nasty “hedgehog bomb”. Most exciting moment: The 32 player online mode looks to be the best part of the game, where the full range of weapons and their alternative fire modes can be brought to bear on real human opponents. There’s also a split-screen and online co-op mode for the more socially minded. Since you ask: Developer Immersion is best known for the Ratchet & Clank games and although there was no new footage shown at E3 a new game in the series has been confirmed for the PS3. The bottom line: The PS3’s premier (or at least premiere) first person shoot ‘em-up HARRISON DENT
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Resistance: Fall of Man United Kingdom Retail Box Art