Scratch: The Ultimate DJ
Genre Action -> Dancing
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Date N/A
Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. Featuring is an innovative turntable style controller and more than 60 licensed and original hip-hop and R&B songs, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ is the first custom music game to bring improvisational DJ'ing to the masses.

The new assets include screenshots of two playable DJ characters from Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, DJ Sakura and DJ Travis - each with their own unique style and attitude

DJ Travis
It's apparent DJ Travis knows how truly talented he is, in spite of his laid back demeanor. As self-assured as he is, DJ Travis never demonstrates a hint of cockiness. He's comfortable with himself and doesn't care if you think he's cool or not. Although, it's impossible not to think he's cool when he makes scratching look effortless. DJ Travis is often described by his friends as an urban skater whose hip style reflects the skaters at Venice Beach.

DJ Sakura
DJ Sakura is not as sweet and innocent as she looks, although her perpetually happy and bubbly persona may be deceiving. Her skill and speed behind the decks is often underestimated, but this young up and coming DJ is eager to make her mark in Scratch City. Known to her friends as J-Girl, this expressive chick is just grateful for the opportunity to mix beats.
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