Topatoi: The Great Tree Story
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 11305
Date N/A
Publisher Boolat
Date N/A
Publisher Boolat
Topatoi is a mixture of puzzle and platformer game with original and inventive gameplay mechanics. Original, but pretty much in the old school traditions of the games like The Lost Vikings or Bubba 'N Stix. Apart from immersive gameplay you should expect:

Multiple worlds/environments. The environments not only look different, but also have some treats that affect gameplay.

Various types of puzzles. And plenty of enemies as well!

Breathtaking physics model. As you see, Topatoi is mostly about physics, so this part is certainly well-crafted to provide truly unique experience.

Multiplayer modes. Topatoi delivers a very good field for a challenge. Which is quite unusual for that type of the puzzle games. There'll be an update on this a little bit later. We'll show you why this point really matters.
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