Armored Core Formula Front
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 0
Date 2005-12-14
Publisher Tommo Inc.
Date N/A
Publisher 505 GameStreet
 Armored Core Formula Front  Armored Core Formula Front United Kingdom Retail Box ArtArmored Core: Formula Front delivers a hardcore sim experience with all-new features not available in the Japanese version. This Special Edition utilizes the complex AI designing and wireless head-to-head action of the original version, and adds action-based player combat interaction to give PSP players the intense fighting gameplay they crave from Armored Core. Building an unstoppable warrior to annihilate the competition has never been so much fun.

- Combines strategy and action like never before
- Multiple arenas and ranking system
- Customizable robots with hundreds of parts to choose from
- Connectivity to PlayStation 2 version (possible - when released)
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 Armored Core Formula Front North America Retail Box Art

 Armored Core Formula Front United Kingdom Retail Box Art