Armored Core: Silent Line Portable
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2010-02-05
Publisher N/A
Date 2010-02-05
Publisher N/A
In this futuristic third-person shooter, players resume the role of a Raven, a mercenary who pilots a giant flying mech known as Armored Core. After tailoring the weapon loadout and vehicle propulsion system for the mission at hand, Raven engages in ferocious battles with other mechs across a variety of futuristic landscapes. With lightning-quick combat and slick, anime graphics, this is a strong entry in the Armored Core legacy.

- Build and customize mechs with essential and secondary parts modify existing designs or start from scratch.
- Over 450 mecha parts to build your own AC unit, including popular parts from past AC titles.
- Ad Hoc multiplayer mode lets up to four players battle their hulking creations.
- New AC opponents from the Japanese Armored Core novel.
- A.I. training system helps new players get up to speed
- Weapon Destruction change tactics on-the-fly as opponents are disabled
- Use Armored Core 3 Portable game save upload to Silent Line Portable!
- Customizable Control Settings
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