Genre Action -> Dancing
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Date 2006-09-29
B-Boy United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell: Half rhythm action game, half beat â€~em-up (without the violence) this is that rarest of games: a hip-hop themed title that isn’t all about ultra violence and sweary pimps. Instead it’s just you and the dancemat against the world. The lowdown: If you already knew that B-Boys mean breakdancing then there’s probably little chance you won’t enjoy this cleverly conceived dance off simulator. Designed almost like a beat â€~em-up you have to prove your superior dancing skills in a minute long outbreak of acrobatics against a rival. Using four basic moves you’re able to string combos together, earning extra moves as you progress through the story mode. You also have to keep the rhythm of the music with the shoulder buttons or you’ll risk falling flat on your face. Waiting for your go in a match can become a bore and the game menus and interface are unnecessarily obscure, but the superb soundtrack ensures that Hip-Hop fans are unlikely to care too much. With some superb animation this is one of the most assured and inventive music games for ages. Most exciting moment: With a game as adversarial as this it’s unsurprising to find that the two-player mode against a fellow human is the best way to play it. It also solves the problem of having to wait for your go too, since this time can be handsomely filled goading your rival into making a mistake. Since you ask: As well as receiving rave reviews the soundtrack to B-Boy has been nominated for a video games BAFTA and is to be released as an eighteen track CD to accompany the game. The bottom line: A Hip-hop game without the violence but still plenty of action. HARRISON DENT
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B-Boy United Kingdom Retail Box Art