Buzz!: Brain Bender
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Buzz!: Brain Bender is designed for both solo and multiplayer fun, with all of the above and more to test yourself, your friends and family. The extensive single player mode has three different ways to enjoy the mini games. Training Mode lets you warm up your brain with a variety of mini games, Challenge Mode gives you all sorts of different objectives to achieve in each category of game and Test Mode allows you to track your progress over a period. Hilarious prizes are awarded based on your brain power output in Kilojoules (kj), for example 700kj is a vacuum cleaner and 1500kj is a juke box.

Sixteen brain-bending mini games across 4 categories: Analysis, Observation, Memory and Calculation.

· Extensive single-player mode that offers three ways to enjoy the mini games: Training Mode, Test Mode & Challenge Mode

· Multiplayer ‘Brain Battle’ Mode where players take on 6 friends on one PSP passing it around

· Four player profiles can be saved – compare your progress with friends and family
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