Cid The Dummy
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 25001
Date N/A
Publisher Oxygen
Date N/A
Publisher Oxygen
A star is born and he's made to last. CID THE DUMMY makes his debut in Twelve Interactive's first multi-platform production. It's an all-new action platformer that is sure to grab you with its enjoyable, fun gameplay, featuring a totally original character with charisma and moves, different fighting styles with which to battle enemies from unarmed combat to weapons like the Bazooka that can freeze, hit and burn.

Interact as only a crash dummy can. Climb walls, swing on ropes, burn obstacles, destroy exploding barrels, use lifters, bounce on springs and with a neat head butt destroy walls all in stunningly realized environments. Game environment interaction is the most important part of the gameplay.
CID's world is swarming with a host of fearfully fun enemies like the Dumper, Cursed Dummy and the bizarre Failed Experiment.
Apart from fighting enemies, the player will enjoy solving puzzles, avoiding traps and using acrobatic skills to get out of dangerous situations.
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CID The Dummy Trailer #11
16.81MB - 24 downloads - 9 April, 2009

1:08 of cut-scenes footage

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CID The Dummy Trailer
9.99MB - 47 downloads - 8 January, 2009

0:43 of in-game footage

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