Everybody's Golf
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2005-09-01
It may not have quite the sex appeal of some other launch titles, but in the US and Japan -- where the PSP has already been out for some time -- Everybody’s Golf is easily the most popular PSP game so far. It may look simplistic, even childish, put this is as serious a golfing simulation as you could ever want.Golf has never been a difficult sport to turn into a video game, in terms of getting a little computer person to hit a ball across the screen. The trick has been in making it as accurate and as fun as possible -- attracting both serious golfers and those just looking for a bit of pixelated fun. The Everybody’s Golf series has always excelled at this, and this new PSP version is no exception.The game has six new courses and a mountain of customisable features which allow you to create your very own golfer. This is important because one of the game’s key draws is the multi-play mode, which allows other players to join in the same tournament even if only one person actually owns the game.It's the game’s perfectly designed controls which impress the most, with the simple three button power shots allowing anyone to hit the ball, while pros can practise adding top spin, back spin, fades and hooks to subtly alter their stroke. It's almost painfully addictive once you get started and good enough to attract even committed golf haters to the fold. -- Harrison Dent
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