Fly Fu
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2010-07-21
Publisher Invictus
Date 2010-08-04
Publisher Invictus
Fly Fu is a side-scrolling beat-’em-up with characters designed using a combination of doodle art and photographs of dead insects.

Your girlfriend, Kate Moth, a fluffy little moth was kidnapped by the evil spiders and drawn away to a dark attic in the suburbs.

You are not just a common housefly but you have been trained to fight. As a Kung-Fu master McFly, only you can bring back your true love from the claws of the evil insects!

Five chapters are waiting for you to complete! Each chapter ends with a unique boss, where you fight against the strongest members of The Cuticulous Gang.

- enjoy unique doodle art style combined with real insects
- watch the famous 'dead fly art' in smooth motion
- experience the intense doodle violence with heated Kung Fu action
- fight your way through bees, wasp, evil lady bugs and more than 20 other insects
- get really mad at insects bugging around and GO BERSERK!
- arm yourself with matchsticks and needle-pins on your journey to gain more fist power
- enjoy dismemberment and decapitation in slow motion
- play story mode accompanied with cutscenes with twists on plot
- put your endurance to the test in survival mode
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