Football Manager Handheld 2010
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2009-10-30
Date 2009-10-30
Publisher Sega
Football Manager 2010 features a brand new User Interface, with a light and a dark skin to choose from as part of a vibrant new look and has undergone a complete navigational overhaul. The side bar navigation of previous years has been replaced by an intuitive tab system at the top of the screen, making Football Manager’s famed depth easier to navigate and will make the game more accessible to new players.

Improved Match Engine – massively updated AI making the engine more realistic than ever.
A brand new skin – giving the game a fresh and vibrant new look.
Improved Board Confidence - a complete overhaul to allow the better visibility on how the board views your performance as well as providing feedback on any decisions made.
Improved coach and scout reports - it is now possible to view scout reports for individual players from their profiles.
Assistant manager team reports - you can now see what your assistant manager thinks of your team, and any suggested improvements he would make.
Unlockable managerial abilities – Acquire new abilities as your reputation improves such as the ability to over-rule requests made by the board.
New player comparison screens – compare players within your squad or with future transfer targets.
Player testimonial matches – players now receive a testimonial game to reward loyalty and long-service to a club.
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