HISTORY Ice Road Truckers
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2010-03-11
Publisher N/A
Date 2010-03-11
Publisher N/A
The Ice Road Truckers is a racing game that captures the spirit and danger of the series by putting players in the driver’s seat of an eighteen wheeler. Players face a number of challenges as they haul equipment and supplies to isolated outposts north of the Arctic Circle.Player take command of these huge 18-wheelers and drive their way across ice roads.Stay on the road, avoid obstacles, and reach the destination before time runs out. Quicker times earn you more money, but if you’re late you won’t advance !!

• 5 trucks, with unique characteristics. Unlock trucks by winning awards
• 5 different cameras different surfaces with different traction
• 15 ice roads to master. Unlock roads by earning cash
• Thin breakable ice area – beware!
• Forking roads
• Race against the clock to deliver your loads
• Avoid other trucks and hazards on the road
• Set records in the hall of fame
• Even your glass steams up when the action gets intense!
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