Kurulin Fusion
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Kurulin Fusion’s visionary aesthetic perfectly balances a futuristic look and feel with a soundtrack that uniquely combines the talents of one of the greatest composers of all time and one of the giants of video-game music. By reimagining the works of the 17th-century composer Johann Sebastian Bach for the 21st century, renowned Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu has set a new standard for puzzle/action game music.
At the game's core are Fusion Blocks and Energy Orbs, which annihilate each other with a burst of energy if matching colors touch. Strategically combining Fusion Blocks into massive structures, then linking the blocks to a string of like-colored Energy Orbs, will ignite a stunning chain reaction that delivers super scores.

• Arcade: Starts off easy, but as you advance through 100 levels of increasingly daunting game play you’ll find both your reflexes and your strategic smarts pushed to the limit.
• Mission: Battle through 30 stages of engaging challenges. A surprise awaits those who triumph all the way to the end!
• Score Attack: The clock is ticking down relentlessly, but you’ll need to keep your cool to reel off the massive combos that guarantee a high score.
• Multiplayer: Square off against another Kurulin Fusion owner via local wireless connection
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