Marvel Trading Card Game
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2007-02-27
Publisher Konami
Date 2007-02-27
Publisher Konami
Marvel Trading Card Game lets players assemble their own deck and take on different challenges to gain more cards based on legendary Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, the X-Men, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider and more. In the game’s single player story mode, players choose to play as hero or villain, and select a series of enemies to battle. In between each clash, detailed comic book scenes tell the game’s story as players choose to move on to the next enemy or explore a branch in the story for the chance to acquire additional cards.

The Game uses Upper Deck’s ‘Vs. System’, a flexible game engine that represents massive Super Hero battles in trading card game format. Each player begins the game with their own team of Marvel characters, and tries to defeat the cards of their opponent. The Vs. System is specifically designed to be played at all levels of competition and can be played in a variety of formats.

Utilising a sophisticated online network, Marvel Trading Card Game lets players interact with the game’s online community to compete across a variety of game modes and tournaments, trade cards with other players and even purchase new cards from the game’s online store. The game offers several different modes that use each player’s personal decks or randomly created decks for an authentic tournament experience for four or more players.

Includes TCG Promo card from the brand new Heralds of Galactus Booster set
Implements all the strategy and gameplay of the "Vs. System" TCG from Upper Deck including every card released through the X-Men Booster set
Collect and play with cards featuring Marvel's full roster of Heroes including Spider-Man, the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk and the Avengers
Choose to play as a hero or a villain in the single player story mode that unfolds through comic book style panels
Cross-platform online play with the PSP® (PlayStation® portable) system and PC SKUs to make it easier than ever to find an opponent and compete to determine your global ranking
Head-to-head multiplayer and Tournament support with multiple formats to allow players of all skill levels to compete
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