Mercury Meltdown
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2006-10-03
Publisher N/A
Date 2006-10-06
Publisher Atari
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Box ArtUnited Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtMercury Meltdown has been designed to build upon and enhance the unique experience offered by the first Mercury title. With new game modes, graphics and features, Mercury Meltdown will offer a variety of enhancements over the original title while remaining true to its highly successful core gameplay dynamics. Along with all new environments, adversaries, mini-games and multiplayer modes, Mercury Meltdown includes a completely redesigned game progression system and structure to make the game more accessible to players of all skill levels. Even the Blob has had an overhaul and can be used in a number of interesting ways. For Mercury Meltdown, it was important to build upon and enhance the successful gameplay of the first title. One of the more major changes was the Blob itself. By chaning its characteristics and properties, it meant that levels could now offer a whole new experience and challenge while still maintaining the core gameplay of the original title.

- Four states of the Mercury Blob - Normal, Solid, Fast and Slow
- Free Look and Replay modes
- Tutorial Mode
- Downloadable Content
- Game Share
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