Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
Today's Rank 3300
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
MPO+ includes a new single player mode, "Infinity Mission," in which players must advance from start to finish through increasingly difficult stages, gathering weapons and recruiting high-level comrades to build up their units. Additional multiplayer modes such as the Shooting Range to test player's shooting skills in a deathmatch environment and a Training Mode to practice and sharpen their game controls will challenge even the most experienced tactical fighters. Using saved data from the original Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, players can create instant squads for battle.

MPO+ also features more online maps, including an updated version of the REX Hangar area from the original Metal Gear Solid. More playable characters from the Metal Gear universe will be available, including Raiden and Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4 to form unique squads of commandos. Incorporating an improved support system, tutorials and improved in-game support helps players of all skill levels jump right into the action, or hone their skills to a razor's edge.
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