Mimana Iyar Chronicles
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
Publisher Aksys Games
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Mimana Iyar Chronicles blends the traditional RPG elements of vast map exploration and treacherous dungeon spelunking. Engage in fast-paced battles in a quasi-3D environment where you control the character’s movement and actions, and strategically command your party to turn the tide of battle. Your actions dictate how the story unfolds, through numerous fully-voiced event sequences.

Experience the story of Mimana through beautiful, hand-drawn anime sequences!
Battle alongside fair maidens and, when the timing is right, choose one of them to get closer to!
Action-based battles between your party members and enemies explode with spells, skills, and excitement. Take advantage of the depth of the battlefield to strategically place your party members and claim victory.
Time your attacks just right to deal massive damage to your enemies!
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