Petz Saddle Club
Genre Kids -> Kids
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Date N/A
Publisher Ubisoft
Date N/A
Publisher Ubisoft
In Ubisoftís Petz Saddle Club, go on an adventure with Lily and her horses as she faces an untrustworthy banker trying to seize the family ranch. With the help of Grant, the famous horse whisperer, save the ranch from bankruptcy by training and caring for your horse to win riding competitions. Venture into the wild with your own horses!

Create your own unique foal:

Your one-of-a-kind foal will have its own unique skills and characteristics.

Build a relationship with your unique horse:

Train your horse to become a champion rider!
Care for and nurture your horse as you learn to understand him. He will show you how he feels through a whole range of emotions.

Go on an exciting equestrian adventure and discover an open environment:

Ride in the wild with your horse.
Interact freely with objects and people throughout the adventure.

High-quality game with realistic graphics:

Taking advantage of the PSP systemís technology, the horses look as realistic as ever with new hair technology, motions and environments.
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