Pursuit Force
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 19388
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2005-11-18
Of all the new games set to be released for the PSP, Pursuit Force looks to be the most exciting. Older gamers may find the concept reminiscent of 80s coin-op racer Chase H.Q., which is certainly a game long overdue an update. If you haven’t heard of Chase H.Q. don’t worry – as this is a pretty easy game to understand.Cast as a police officer in the Pursuit Force it’s your job to arrest an almost unending stream of automobile equipped bad guys. And by arrest the game actually means run off the road, blow up or, in the game’s signature move, jump onto a moving vehicle, turf out the driver and steal their ride. It’s like an even more explosive version of Burnout but with guns and a wider range of transport.The game is simple dumb fun, but the mix of driving and violence has rarely been combined so well. No doubt aware that the whole thing cold get a bit samey, there are plenty of different vehicles and weapons -- including the chance to pilot a police helicopter at various points in the game, complete with a highly destructive mini-gun accessory.With some really stunning graphics and a great sense of speed this may be yet another driving game for the PSP, but there’s far more to it than simply getting a better lap time, which may ultimately make it the best of the bunch. --Harrison Dent
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