Ratchet Clank Size Matters
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Date 2007-01-01
In a nutshell: Sony’s favourite platforming double act go portable with a game that looks virtually indistinguishable from its big cousin PS2 versions. It plays just the same too and it’s still got the same great sense of humour that fans love. The lowdown: Whereas the last few Ratchet & Clank games have become obsessed with online team battles, to the point where the last one barely featured Clank the robot, this portable version is just like the games of old (although it does still have a 4 player mode). Ratchet is still armed with his trusty wrench and a whole host of pleasingly overpowered weapons such as the lacerator gun and the acid bomb glove – you can even switch between them all using the same selection wheel as the originals. The game has plenty of platform elements as well too, with Clank again able to help Ratchet glide to safety whilst in the air. Most exciting moment: After being reduced to a cameo in Ratchet: Deadlocked, Clank plays a larger role as a solo character in this new game, with a full wardrobe of robot suits to wear which give him new powers such as a robot flinging magnetic catapult. Since you ask: The game isn’t being developed by original developer Insomniac, who are busy on PlayStation 3 first person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man, but by new company High Impact Game. The bottom line: It looks like the best ever Ratchet & Clank game might be on the PSP. HARRISON DENT
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