Rengoku 2
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 33135
Date 2006-09-12
Publisher Konami
Date 2006-10-20
Publisher Konami
Rengoku 2 Rengoku 2 is the sequel to the hit action game. The tower of Rengoku is a never-ending show of hell and its dark wonders, where war lives eternal. This is where the Autonomous Dueling Armed Machines (ADAMs) were banished; in the past they were efficient weapons of war, but with the tides of peace came the end of their usefulness. Time passes and in one long forgotten Rengoku, one ADAM began its awakening...

- Fight your way through themed levels based on the Seven Deadly Sins
- Character designed by renowned visualist Jun Suemi
- Customize weaponry, armor and accessories from more than 300 different rare and unique items
- Ad-Hoc Competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players with one cartridge
- Expand the game with downloadable online content, including new maps and items
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Rengoku 2 North America Retail Box Art