Scooby-Doo! Who's Watching Who
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 33964
Date 2006-10-02
Publisher THQ
Date 2006-11-16
Publisher THQ
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtScooby Doo! Who's Watching Who? is great animated action with Scooby and the gang. Mystery, Inc. is facing one of its toughest cases -- and it's got less to do with ghosts than with their rivals. A new team of ghost hunters called GSI (Ghost Scene Investigators) is out there, competing with the gang. They'll have to race them to unmask a series of classic ghosts, while travelling cross-country.

- Various gameplay styles with puzzle, driving and Platform elements
- Players can take control of the Mystery Machine for the first time, outrunning monsters in outrageous levels
- Featuring voice talent from the animated series
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