Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 602
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2007-09-14
Publisher 2K Games
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtUtilising a distinctive graphic novel art style, Silverfall on PSP has been redesigned from the original PC version to take full advantage of the handheld platform, offering excellent pick-up and play gameplay while getting you deeply involved with your character and an exciting epic adventure.Eschewing traditional themes of Good and Evil, Nelwë is a conflicted world of Nature verses Technology. As you develop your character by building your abilities and discovering more of the world, the choices you make about your alignment will greatly affect your path through the story and the options open to you.

A full RPG experience on Sony PSP, set in a lush world of possibilities with fully customisable character development.
A unique graphical style that brings Nelwë vividly to life; a superb visual highlight on PSP packing the wide aspect screen with stunning and distinctive art.
A tactical combat-based game mechanic, encouraging experimentation and chaining of attacks and abilities to take on a huge variety of enemies and boss creatures.
Involving character progression; there are no predetermined ‘classes’, the skills you use and choices you make influence not only your character but the entire world around them and the people within it.
An epic tale told across over 50 story quests and more than 100 sub quests. The narrative arc alters depending on the alignment you choose.
Multiplayer features over WiFi include a two player co-operative campaign and a four player arena mode where you and your friends can take on each other’s characters head-to-head
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