Stand o' Food
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Already a hit on PC and iPhone, Stand o' Food challenges players to keep a restaurant full of hungry patrons happy in an exciting, fast-paced game. As customers appear, players must cook custom orders quickly enough to keep them satisfied. Stand o' Food doesn't only require speed, though-players have to plan carefully to manage their time and ingredients well. Whether it's a cheeseburger, bacon melt or fish sandwich their customers crave, players have to think fast and prioritize on the fly. Upgrades and power-ups along the way keep Stand o' Food fresh through hours of challenging gameplay.Stand o' Food's bright visuals, simple controls and addictive gameplay led to the PC version spending 42 days on Real Arcade's Top Ten and 37 days on Big Fish Top Ten, also making Top Ten appearances on many other portals, and garnering several million downloads. The iPhone version of Stand o' Food reached Top 37 Paid Game position in the U.S. and Top Ten Paid Game positions in many territories around the world.
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