Super HIND
Genre Simulation -> Flight
Today's Rank 34847
Date 2008-05-01
Publisher Virgin PLAY
Date 2008-05-01
Publisher Virgin PLAY
As pilot Warrant Officer Dante Griffin, you have been put in charge of the deadliest military helicopter known to man. Developed by the multinational Consortium to fight the rebel groups left after the fall of the old order of nations. You and you alone have the mercy of the world at your feet.

- Explore breathtaking high-detail environments: rich geography, foliage, buildings, and atmospheric effects like rain, snow, sunshine and even lightning.
- Take on a world of lethal fighting machines: helicopters, tanks, mobile missile platforms, jet aircraft, ballistic missile warships, submarines and more.
- Unleash awesome destructive force: high-voltage cannons, super-rapid fire electronic ballistic guns, micro air-fuel bombs, and other high-tech weaponry.
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