Tehra: Dark Warrior
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2010-06-15
Date 2010-06-15
The upcoming release of StormBASIC Games’ Tehra: Dark Warrior, a hack-and-slash fantasy game, on PSP promises hours of challenging combat against gruesome opponents. Switch between Tehra's human and demon forms as you help our heroine uphold a peace treaty between the world’s humans and demons and guide her past hoards of Orcs and undead towards Bacdar, the King of demons.

Tehra- Half-human, half-demon, this heroine lets you choose her form and strategize your attack method
3D Graphics- Full use of PSP hardware for special affects and smooth gameplay
Game Evolution- Hone combat skills and unlock new levels and challenges by defeating opponents
Intuitive Controls- Quickly learn how to manipulate Tehra so you move effortlessly in battle
Hours of Gameplay- Gameplay stays riveting with new levels, minigames, and challenges that appear throughout the game
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