Genre Simulation -> Simulation
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Date 2007-02-03
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Date N/A
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Gaming and music come together in Traxion! Play dozens of games on your PSP, where you can use your own music to actually change each one. Using your own MP3 files or the hot music loaded within the game itself, Traxion analyzes your favorite tunes and creates personalized game experiences based on the music you choose. Be it rock, rap, classical or jazz (yes, even polka!), every song presents unique gameplay accompanied by a dazzling visual and sensory experience. Play the same game to different music and enjoy it in a different, personalized way every time you play!

- Play along as Traxion analyzes your choice of tunes to generate unique gameplay, new challenges and custom levels
- Variety of arcade-style games, light show effects, and interactive displays bring your music to life
- Experiment with your music library to get high scores, play along to your favorite album, or just dip into a quick song while waiting for the bus
- Change games at any time with no break in the music, or change songs in the middle of a game you've already begun (when using your own MP3 files)
- In addition to more than 20 games, Traxion also serves as a music organizer for your PSP. Customize your playlists and categorize your tracks by band, album name and genre
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