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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
28/02/04 23:00:30 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Review
"It is much different than what most fans of the series would think a Final Fantasy game should be."
Universal Combat
28/02/04 23:00:00 - Universal Combat Review
"Universal Combat remains really the only game of it’s kind"
Destruction Derby Arenas
26/02/04 16:00:00 - Destruction Derby Arenas Review
"This game surely has its moments, wrecking things evidently offers fun up to a certain limit"
Champions of Norrath
23/02/04 23:00:40 - Champions of Norrath Review
"The storyline for CoN really carries the game"
Kill Switch
23/02/04 23:00:20 - Kill Switch PS2 Review
"With a wide range of weapons, excellent detail, and some innovative gameplay elements, this game should not be pushed aside"
In The Raven Shadow
23/02/04 23:00:00 - In The Raven Shadow Review
"The overall look is a simple, colorful wash which looks like it’s been done with watercolor and pastels in hand-drawn simplicity"
Sonic Heroes
17/02/04 23:00:00 - Sonic Heroes Review
"What's a tropical island without beautiful graphics? Yes, Sonic looks excellent on the new platform"
Total Pro Basketball 2003
13/02/04 23:00:00 - Total Pro Basketball 2003 Review
"400 Software Studios managed to create a deep, graceful game."
Squad Assault: West Front
12/02/04 23:00:00 - Squad Assault West Front Review
"I cannot deny that the menu and command interfaces are some of the most intuitively employable I’ve ever come across in a squad-based tactical game,"
Hidden and Dangerous 2
09/02/04 23:00:20 - Hidden and Dangerous 2 Review
"A very detailed, historic 3rd person shooter. I actually chose this game over Call of Duty - and I do not regret it."
FIFA 2004
09/02/04 23:00:00 - Fifa 2004 Review
"EA Sports have improved numerous other areas of the game"
Total Pro Football 2004
08/02/04 23:00:00 - Total Pro Football 2004 Review
"In a world of simulation games gone wild, Total Pro Football 2004 delivers a nice product based on a deep and detail-saturated sport."
05/02/04 23:00:40 - Mafia PS2 Review
"A strong story line and graphics "
05/02/04 23:00:20 - Manhunt PS2 Review
"The game is an amazing stress reliever"
X-Plane Version 7
05/02/04 23:00:00 - X-Plane 7 Review
"This is not a game; this is serious flight sim business, here. Hell, Popular Science even did an article on X-Plane."
Fast Lanes Bowling
03/02/04 23:00:00 - Fast Lanes Bowling Review
"this is the kind of game that works well when you have a few friends over and fancy a game for a bit of light-hearted fun."
Armed and Dangerous
01/02/04 23:00:30 - Armed and Dangerous Xbox Review
"Armed and Dangerous is without a doubt one of the funniest games to come out last year."
Armed and Dangerous
01/02/04 23:00:00 - Armed and Dangerous Review
"Armed and Dangerous is without a doubt one of the funniest games to come out last year."
Jack The Ripper
31/01/04 16:00:30 - Jack The Ripper Review
"Jack the Ripper tells an interesting story of what could’ve happened if a certain British serial-killer immigrated to New York."
NBA Inside Drive 2004
29/01/04 23:00:00 - NBA Inside Drive 2004 Review
"The courts look great. The stadiums are really well done, and the wood reflections look great"
Ratchet and Clank 2
27/01/04 19:00:20 - Ratchet and Clank 2 Review
"a fantastic Jump’n’Run / action mix"
Blade and Sword
27/01/04 19:00:00 - Blade and Sword Review
"It’s plethora of special attacks and the ability to then string those attacks together using the customizable combo feature, provide an entertaining experience "
Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2
25/01/04 23:00:50 - Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2 Xbox Review
"Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 has been a positive surprise for me. It’s a pretty fun game with a pretty good amount of replayability."
Uru: Ages Beyond Myst
25/01/04 23:00:10 - Uru Review
"Overall, Uru is a very unique game, last of a dying breed of puzzle games, and certainly a strange twist for the Myst series."
Beyond Good and Evil
24/01/04 16:00:55 - Beyond Good and Evil Review
"The story is intriguing, yet full of humorous interludes."
Beyond Good and Evil
24/01/04 16:00:20 - Beyond Good and Evil Xbox Review
"yet it is a fun and simple game with a good storyline and nice graphics."
Beyond Good and Evil
24/01/04 16:00:00 - Beyond Good and Evil Gamecube Review
"yet it is a fun and simple game with a good storyline and nice graphics."
Fallout Brotherhood of Steel
23/01/04 08:00:30 - Fallout Brotherhood of Steel Xbox Review
"Those simply looking for a new action game might like the game for its good arsenal of weapons and foul language"
RC Cars
23/01/04 08:00:00 - RC Cars Review
"RC Cars satisfies that part of me that needs to feel something fresh while playing"
Beyond Good and Evil
21/01/04 16:00:45 - Beyond Good and Evil PS2 Review
"it is a fun and simple game with a good storyline and nice graphics."
Combat Mission Afrika Korps
19/01/04 23:00:15 - Combat Mission Afrika Korps Review
"Combat Mission Afrika Korps adds another quality chapter to the superior World War II tactical strategy series."
Rogue Ops
19/01/04 23:00:00 - Rogue Ops Review
"Overall, graphics play their part in making an immersible level."
Victoria Empire Under the Sun
16/01/04 23:00:00 - Victoria An Empire Under the Sun Review
"All in all, Victoria is a nice empire-building simulation that obviously benefits from a strong pedigree"
Korea Forgotten Conflict
15/01/04 23:00:10 - Korea Forgotten Conflict Review
"squad pros and novices alike should be able to enjoy Forgotten Conflict on equal terms, at their own 38th parallel."
Hunter The Reckoning Wayward
15/01/04 23:00:00 - Hunter The Reckoning Wayward Review
"I think this can be a fun but addictive arcade shooter, and with a horror theme, easy controls, and guns galore, it will not be overlooked."
Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna
12/01/04 23:00:00 - Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna Review
"I still think Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is a nice introduction to not so serious RPGs"
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Time Twister
11/01/04 23:00:00 - RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Time Twister Review
"RollerCoaster Tycoon addicts will probably enjoy the new content"
10/01/04 23:30:00 - Trackmania Review
"Trackmania is a game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time."
Schizm 2
06/01/04 23:00:10 - Mysterious Journey 2 Chameleon aka Schizm 2 Review
"This game is definitely meant for hardcore adventure players, and anyone who has good experience solving puzzles."
Pax Romana
05/01/04 23:00:00 - Pax Romana Review
"I was literally tittering in anticipation when I received the review copy"
Disciples 2 Rise of the Elves
04/01/04 23:59:00 - Disciples 2 Rise of the Elves Review
"Rise of the Elves is a nice-looking and entertaining game. It will easily hook you for many hours once you get into it."
03/01/04 13:48:14 - Nosferatu Review
"This one is a keeper. I loved its originality and thought process."
02/01/04 17:04:22 - I-Ninja Review
"I-Ninja is both for the hardcore and novice 'fast-paced-arcade-action' gamers."
21/12/03 23:00:33 - SpellForce Review
"Its success at blending all of its parts together into a smoothly flowing, finely-crafted whole are more than just the final word in the development of the game"
Links 2004
18/12/03 23:00:30 - Links 2004 Review
"the game remains addictive and a real joy to any fan of the genre."
NHL Rivals 2004
18/12/03 23:00:00 - NHL Rivals 2004 Review
"a title worth buying if you have an Xbox and want to play on-line sports."
X2: The Threat
17/12/03 23:00:30 - X2 The Threat Review
"Overall, X2 is loaded with enough features to keep a serious space simulation nut busy for a long time"
Xtreme Air Racing 2
16/12/03 23:00:30 - Xtreme Air Racing 2 Review
"Xtreme Air Racing 2 actually does a very good job of representing the sport that inspired the game."
Secret Weapons Over Normandy
16/12/03 23:00:00 - Secret Weapons Over Normandy Xbox Review
"Secret Weapons Over Normandy turned out to be a very enjoyable arcade flight game."
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark
15/12/03 23:00:30 - Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark Review
"Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark is in most aspects the expansion I was waiting for."