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Aquanox 2 Revelation
11/09/03 19:00:00 - Aquanox Revelation Review
"Maybe fanatic fans of Aquanox will like this game, but if you are not a member of this group you will find no pleasure playing Aquanox 2"
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
07/09/03 13:00:00 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Review
"This is a game a lot of people have been waiting for."
Pro Beach Soccer
07/09/03 12:59:00 - Pro Beach Soccer Xbox Review
"A good concept with major design flaws, despite that the game could have been more polished overall"
Madden NFL 2004
06/09/03 07:00:00 - Madden NFL 2004 Review
"Wrapping up, the new Madden game is great, with just enough changes to make it worth purchasing."
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
05/09/03 06:01:00 - BF 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII Review
"Immersing the player in an online World War II game is no easy task considering the market out their for FPS WWII games"
05/09/03 06:00:00 - Otogi Review
"If you want a bit of mindless fun, then this game is what you're looking for."
Mario Golf
05/09/03 05:59:00 - Mario Golf GC Review
"Overall, Mario Golf Toadstool Tour is a very fun and addictive golf game."
Chaos Legion
03/09/03 23:59:00 - Chaos Legion PS2 Review
"Had Devil May Cry never existed, this would've probably became the cream of the crop."
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
02/09/03 22:59:00 - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 PC Review
"packed with levels, skaters, new tricks, tons of humor, and with gameplay that’ll challenge you to the end.."
Republic: The Revolution
30/08/03 23:59:00 - Republic The Revolution Review
"This is a game a lot of people have been waiting for. This is a game I really wanted to love, but to be honest I can’t say it fulfilled my expectations. "
Tron 2
23/08/03 23:59:00 - Tron 2.0 Review
"At the end of the day one thing?s for certain: this is a game unlike most shooters as of now."
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
23/08/03 23:58:00 - Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire GBA Review
"Overall, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is everything you'd expect."
21/08/03 13:01:00 - Lionheart Review
"Lionheart is a decent RPG, there is no getting away from it. "
Crown of the North
21/08/03 13:00:00 - Crown of the North Review
"Crown of the North is a very deep and entertaining game."
Cold Zero The Last Stand
20/08/03 08:01:00 - Cold Zero Review
"It combines the best elements of Jagged Alliance, Commandos and the original Postal game into one neat package."
Runaway: A Road Adventure
20/08/03 08:00:00 - Runaway Review
"Runaway: A Road Adventure is certainly one of the top games of this year. "
Clock Tower 3
20/08/03 07:59:00 - Clock Tower 3 PS2 Review
"Clock Tower 3 is as a thinking man’s Resident Evil."
The Great Escape
08/08/03 23:59:00 - The Great Escape Review
"The Great Escape has some interesting missions, and nice, yet unpolished game mechanics, but it could still have been so much better."
Horse Racing Manager
07/08/03 23:56:00 - Horse Racing Manager Review
"an intriguingly unique concept and is very admirable for the effort and level of statistical detail put into it."
Charlies Angels
04/08/03 23:58:00 - Charlies Angels GC Review
"that this game was not going to live up to anyone's expectations."
Cruise Ship Tycoon
03/08/03 23:56:00 - Cruise Ship Tycoon Review
"it's a fully functional and at times funny and entertaining game."
Fire Department
02/08/03 23:59:00 - Fire Department Review
"It’s an addictive little game that I think most people will enjoy."
Darkened Skye
02/08/03 23:56:00 - Darkened Skye Review
"the voice artists, the scriptwriters, and the cut-scene animators saved this game "
Star Wars Kotor
30/07/03 23:57:00 - Star Wars KOTOR XBOX Review
"Playing through KOTOR was one of the most enjoyable and involving game experiences I have had in some time."
Splinter Cell
29/07/03 23:58:00 - Splinter Cell PS2 Review
"This game has the best stealth you can find these days, even better than Metal Gear Solid."
Nexagon Deathmatch
28/07/03 23:59:30 - Nexagon Deathmatch Review
"This game is definitely original and addictive."
World War II Frontline Command
27/07/03 23:59:00 - World War II Frontline Command Review
"what might be one of this year's most interesting WW2 RTS games..."
Street Legal 2 Redline
25/07/03 23:55:00 - Street Legal Racing 2 Redline Review
"This is one of those games that have so much potential it’s crazy.."
Freestyle MetalX
21/07/03 23:46:00 - Freestyle MetalX PS2 Review
"The trick system is the strong point in this game, the rest although has been seen many times before"
Dark Fall
18/07/03 17:48:05 - Dark Fall Review
"I found the game engaging enough that that I was drawn into it and curious to find out more."
17/07/03 20:28:11 - Magnetic Review
"It's not every day that we see good puzzle games that are fun and challenging for players of all skill levels."
Outlaw Volleyball
16/07/03 12:53:50 - Outlaw Volleyball XBox Review
"This one is a keeper, and I am looking forward to Hypnotix's next effort."
16/07/03 11:26:12 - Blitzkrieg Review
"Any WW2 fanatic or even maybe a historian would fall for this game"
Perfect Ace
15/07/03 14:53:13 - Perfect Ace Review
"Perfect Ace is a tennis simulation in many ways"
Midnight Club 2
13/07/03 16:21:42 - Midnight Club 2 Review
"if what you want is a fun arcade racer similar to Midtown Madness, Midnight Club 2 is exactly what you need."
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
11/07/03 21:01:34 - Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Review
"Frozen Throne's single player mode is quite deep, with a reasonably entertaining story, and plenty of action and humor."
Resident Evil Dead Aim
11/07/03 20:50:20 - Resident Evil Dead Aim Review
"I do not think that the die hard Resident Evil fans out there will spend more than a day on this game"
EyeToy: Play
09/07/03 20:19:16 - Eyetoy Review
"When using EyeToy you don't need a controller, YOU are the controller."
09/07/03 20:18:13 - Aquarium PC Review
"In conclusion, Aquarium is quite a fun game, and definitely had the potential to be a promising title."
The Simpsons Road Rage
09/07/03 20:17:01 - Simpsons Road Rage GBA Review
"The multiplayer of Simpsons Road Rage is actually quite fun."
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
08/07/03 17:28:29 - Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Review
"This game is typical of the results of movie tie-in games. It looks and feels rushed and has no replay value."
Wildlife Park
03/07/03 10:29:32 - Wildlife Park Review
"It is not only well thought but it offers more details in every category."
X2: Wolverine's Revenge
02/07/03 01:18:12 - X2 Wolverines Revenge Review
"Wolverine's Revenge turned out to be a second rate console port, plagued by most if not all problems that usually haunt such projects."
RTX Red Rock
01/07/03 10:29:36 - RTX Red Rock Review
"The one feeling conveyed very strongly here is one of exploration."
Frontline Attack
29/06/03 23:36:36 - Frontline Attack Review
"World War 2: Panzer Claws is an interesting hybrid of economic real-time strategy and tactical wargaming."
29/06/03 01:31:12 - Chaser Review
"This is a game that dares to avoid unnecessarily complex gameplay features and instead focusing on run-and-gun action."
Uplink: Hacker Elite
27/06/03 04:50:56 - Uplink Hacker Elite Review
"Overall “Uplink: Hacker Elite” is a unique and very well thought through game."
Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick
26/06/03 23:52:54 - Evil Dead A Fistfull of Boomstick PS2 Review
"While the underlaying mechanics of this game offer the potential for a good game, the execution here is just not up to par."
Neighbours From Hell
26/06/03 23:51:26 - Neighbours From Hell Review
"While this may be short, it is great fun and I advise everyone to give this great game a try."
Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut
24/06/03 21:04:25 - Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut
"although not perfect, it is enough to keep Sonic fans happy and busy until the next release of the speedy hedgehog!"