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EyeToy: Play
09/07/03 20:19:16 - Eyetoy Review
"When using EyeToy you don't need a controller, YOU are the controller."
09/07/03 20:18:13 - Aquarium PC Review
"In conclusion, Aquarium is quite a fun game, and definitely had the potential to be a promising title."
The Simpsons Road Rage
09/07/03 20:17:01 - Simpsons Road Rage GBA Review
"The multiplayer of Simpsons Road Rage is actually quite fun."
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
08/07/03 17:28:29 - Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Review
"This game is typical of the results of movie tie-in games. It looks and feels rushed and has no replay value."
Wildlife Park
03/07/03 10:29:32 - Wildlife Park Review
"It is not only well thought but it offers more details in every category."
X2: Wolverine's Revenge
02/07/03 01:18:12 - X2 Wolverines Revenge Review
"Wolverine's Revenge turned out to be a second rate console port, plagued by most if not all problems that usually haunt such projects."
RTX Red Rock
01/07/03 10:29:36 - RTX Red Rock Review
"The one feeling conveyed very strongly here is one of exploration."
Frontline Attack
29/06/03 23:36:36 - Frontline Attack Review
"World War 2: Panzer Claws is an interesting hybrid of economic real-time strategy and tactical wargaming."
29/06/03 01:31:12 - Chaser Review
"This is a game that dares to avoid unnecessarily complex gameplay features and instead focusing on run-and-gun action."
Uplink: Hacker Elite
27/06/03 04:50:56 - Uplink Hacker Elite Review
"Overall “Uplink: Hacker Elite” is a unique and very well thought through game."
Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick
26/06/03 23:52:54 - Evil Dead A Fistfull of Boomstick PS2 Review
"While the underlaying mechanics of this game offer the potential for a good game, the execution here is just not up to par."
Neighbours From Hell
26/06/03 23:51:26 - Neighbours From Hell Review
"While this may be short, it is great fun and I advise everyone to give this great game a try."
Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut
24/06/03 21:04:25 - Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut
"although not perfect, it is enough to keep Sonic fans happy and busy until the next release of the speedy hedgehog!"
Star Trek: Elite Force 2
23/06/03 17:19:52 - Star Trek Elite Force 2 Review
"If you’re both a fan of shooters and Star Trek then this is without a doubt a ‘must-have’."
Gothic 2
21/06/03 19:18:56 - Gothic 2 Review
" This really is a game you can lose yourself in"
Spy Hunter (old)
20/06/03 23:54:29 - Spy Hunter Review
"Blowing up everything you see isn’t a wise idea as most missions forbid the loss of civilian life."
The Hulk
12/06/03 06:54:52 - The Hulk Review
"Lacking the real qualifications a game needs to succeed, Hulk suffers from poor game play and really does not excel past the first few levels"
Colin McRae Rally 3
12/06/03 06:53:13 - Colin McRae Rally 3 Review
"CMR3 really delivers, the mix of smooth graphics and high octane driving makes it the pinnacle of driving games."
Skies of Arcadia Legends
11/06/03 06:47:30 - Skies of Arcadia Legends Review
"this game still has all the things it takes to make up an interesting and most of all enjoyable RPG. "
Enter The Matrix
11/06/03 06:46:33 - Enter The Matrix Review
"Even without multiplayer, this is one of the most addicting games to date."
The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon
11/06/03 06:44:56 - Elder Scrolls Bloodmoon Review
"They have in my opinion an intriguing story and freedom in which you can just “live” for a long time."
GTA Vice City
08/06/03 20:28:53 - GTA Vice City Review
"Buy it because Vice City fearlessly pokes fun at many socially-accepted norms that just haven't changed."
Will Rock
08/06/03 16:58:17 - Will Rock Review
"A first person shooter with a non-existent plot, lots of mindless enemies, and tons of ammo"
Pure Pinball
31/05/03 10:28:07 - Pure Pinball Review
"Pure Pinball might just be the prettiest, most accurate pinball simulation"
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
31/05/03 10:27:02 - The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Review
"This is one of the rare occasions I have had a game of nearly flawless quality which sets new standards for both visual appearance and interactivity. "
Ghost Master
31/05/03 10:25:18 - Ghost Master Review
"Ghost Master is a totally unique and original idea. If you like The Sims, you will be right at home"
WarioWare Inc
24/05/03 09:55:35 - WarioWare Inc Review
"The game design is very innovative, and the gameplay, visuals, and audio have that distinct Nintendo magic"
Lufia The Ruins of Lore
24/05/03 09:54:29 - Lufia Review
"Those looking to feed their RPG need should definitely have a look at Lufia"
Empire of Magic
22/05/03 09:51:42 - Empire of Magic Review
"I would recommend Empire of Magic to anyone who likes Disciples 2, Age of Wonder, or the Heroes of Might and Magic series."
Red Faction 2
22/05/03 09:49:55 - Red Faction 2 Review
"offers a fun and unique experience in itself."
21/05/03 06:54:18 - BloodRayne Review
"This is the kind of game you toss the kids as a babysitter for the night and go for dinner."
08/05/03 07:00:05 - Primal Review
" “Primal” is certainly a “must-have-title” for every decent collection."
Restaurant Empire
07/05/03 09:30:00 - Restaurant Empire Review
"All casual gamers should find it tasty, and it could be the dish of the day for Sim fans."
Lego Drome Racers
07/05/03 09:15:00 - Lego Drome Racers Review
"This is definitely a purchase you should consider if you’re a fan of the Lego Racer toys"
Super Puzzle Fighter 2
07/05/03 09:00:00 - Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Review
"The game’s mechanics are surprisingly addictive, and will always require your full attention.."
Anno 1503
03/05/03 23:34:58 - Anno 1503 Review
"1503 A.D brings something largely new to the younger RTS fans looking for something really unique and different."
Master of Orion 3
29/04/03 06:46:28 - Master of Orion 3 Review
"Instead of keeping the perfect basic gamedesign of Master of Orion 2 they tried to do something new and completely failed."
Endless Ages
28/04/03 10:05:00 - Endless Ages Review
" I do hope this game improves over time, because it does have its fun moments."
The Lost Vikings
27/04/03 10:05:00 - The Lost Vikings Review
"The game is still one of the best arcade classics around and will keep you entertained while riding the bus or the train for weeks or even months"
25/04/03 22:13:43 - Starscape Review
"It’s refreshing to see how much can be done to the recipe that Spacewar and Asteroids pioneered"
The Mark of Kri
25/04/03 18:20:56 - The Mark of Kri Review
"Mark of Kri is an ultra-brutal yet still one of the most innovative titles this year."
Rayman 3
23/04/03 21:34:00 - Rayman 3 Review
"I never thought an arcade/action game could be so different and so enjoyable"
Tropico 2
22/04/03 19:43:50 - Tropico 2 Review
" Managing an island full of nasty pirates and their slaves is fun"
22/04/03 19:17:28 - Vexx Review
"Vexx isn’t a bad game, but it’s also far from great."
Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb
18/04/03 00:27:53 - Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb Review
"But I can assure you that if give the game a go you’ll find an entertaining story involving a lot of fistfights, big explosions, beautiful women"
Postal 2
12/04/03 08:16:25 - Postal 2 Review
"Black humor, satire, lots of violence, very detailed levels, great AI and entertaining missions are all ingredients of a potentially great game"
Toca Race Driver
07/04/03 22:11:35 - Toca Race Driver Review
"It combines pure racing adrenaline with an exceeding storyline that you will enjoy."
A Tale in the Desert
04/04/03 18:49:57 - A Tale in the Desert Review
"It’s incredible to see how much depth has been put into this game with such a limited development team"
03/04/03 18:57:11 - Devastation review
"Devastation is a new game with a new look for an old genre."
Final Fantasy Origins
01/04/03 21:26:40 - Final Fantasy Origins Review
"Summing it all up FF Origins is probably the best re-released Final Fantasy collection currently available"