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Super Bust-A-Move
08/05/02 14:12:01 - Super Bust a Move GBA Review
"Super Bust-A-Move for the Gameboy Advance may be lacking polish but it's still a blast to play."
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival
07/05/02 11:48:08 - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival GBA Review
"Capcom has truly managed to capture the original Street Fighter gameplay, graphics, and to some extent the sounds and music too"
Broken Sword: The Shadow of The Templars
05/05/02 00:00:54 - Broken Sword: The Shadow of The Templars GBA Review
"A great storyline, powered by good-looking graphics and rich audio"
Army Men RTS
03/05/02 21:12:43 - Army Men: RTS Review
"Army Men: RTS is pretty good for being an Army Men game"
Spike The Hedgehog
01/05/02 21:58:49 - Spike: the Hedgehog Review
"Now this game didn't suck to the point that it made me angry, but the music sure did."
Global Operations
18/04/02 19:59:41 - Global Operations Review
"This is really a game you can have a lot of fun with on a LAN party, if you dare moving a bit away from Counter-Strike and trying something new."
High Heat Baseball 2003
17/04/02 14:33:28 - High Heat Baseball 2003 Review
"This isn’t really a game that I was expecting to have awesome music tracks and wonderful sounds."
Freedom Force
14/04/02 17:33:11 - Freedom Force Review
"Holy captivating gameplay, Batman! Irrational Games truly hit the bull’s-eye with this gem of a game."
Kick Off 2002
12/04/02 20:21:33 - Kick Off 2002 Review
"When you click the shortcut to run the game your computer magically takes you back to the 16 bit days of the Sega Genesis."
Dungeon Siege
11/04/02 13:46:00 - Dungeon Siege Review
" If there is one thing this game has tons of then it is atmosphere. In (very) short, a fan of the genre must have this game."
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
07/04/02 21:56:18 - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 Review
"I was overly impressed when looking at the in-game music playlist."
Settlers 4 Trojans and the Elixir of Power
07/04/02 21:53:45 - Settlers 4 Trojans and the Elixir of Power
"It will offer some fun times, but if you've played the series in the past, or even if you haven't, you could probably live without this one."
ET Phone Home
29/03/02 17:49:25 - ET Phone Home Review
"I don't really know why people waste valuable licenses on such measly efforts."
Jedi Knight 2
29/03/02 17:27:59 - Jedi Knight 2 Review
"All in all this is a solid first person shooter, well worth the name of a sequel."
Virtua Tennis
28/03/02 19:48:42 - Virtua Tennis Review
"It is a guaranteed fun game for sports fans, arcade fans, and others too!"
End of Twilight
27/03/02 17:22:03 - End of Twilight Review
"Impressive, graphics are astounding, there is no other feature that helps the game in its trip to your mind more than the graphics."
Mary Kate and Ashley Girls Night Out
26/03/02 16:38:22 - Mary Kate and Ashley Girls Night Out Review
"GNO is a love-hate game, people will love it and others will hate it."
Hot Shots Golf 3
25/03/02 18:36:34 - Hot Shots Golf 3 Review
"With so many unlock able courses and characters, it will be sure to keep you busy for quite a while, and what a great party game!"
Advance Wars
25/03/02 18:28:45 - Advance Wars Review
"If you like strategy games this game is a must "
Klonoa 2
24/03/02 20:47:32 - Klonoa 2 Review
"Klonoa 2 is a Jump’n’Run with a funny main character lots of fun action and some challenging jump puzzles during the game."
Worms Blast
22/03/02 17:12:22 - Worms Blast Review
"If you're a die-hard worms fan then I advise stay away, your favourite worms were used as a "face" for a puzzle game"
Grandia 2
21/03/02 19:09:17 - Grandia 2 Review
"Grandia II is simply short, fun and easy. Period."
World Rally Championship
21/03/02 00:52:31 - World Rally Championship Review
"The thing I actually liked most of the game isn't actually playing the game but watching a race I have already finished using the replay function.."
WipeOut Fusion
19/03/02 19:47:19 - Wipeout Fusion Review
"Wipeout fusion is a game that most fans of the series can’t afford to miss"
Silent Hill 2
18/03/02 16:39:15 - Silent Hill 2 Review
"At last a game again that has a soundtrack that is worth your money."
Twisted Metal Black
17/03/02 23:01:38 - Twisted Metal Black Review
"Graphics are far from colourful but then again that’s the whole idea, its black for god’s sake."
Command & Conquer: Renegade
16/03/02 22:35:05 - C&C Renegade Review
"the only people I can recommend this game to is die-hard fans of the original strategy games"
State of Emergency
16/03/02 13:00:48 - State of Emergency Review
"mowing down tons of people with weapons of mass destruction is fun. Especially after a stressful day."
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
15/03/02 21:24:01 - Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Review
"Unless you really like Rainbow Six games I would recommend letting this game pass."
Bloody Roar 3
15/03/02 11:29:46 - Bloody Roar 3 Review
"Bloody roar have always been a little different from most beat em ups"
Space Invaders
14/03/02 23:44:11 - Space Invaders Review
"Whether you grew up with this game or never heard of it here’s your chance to have more fun than ever!"
Maximo Ghosts to Glory
14/03/02 11:14:20 - Maximo Ghosts to Glory Review
" I remember playing it and thinking in my head “this is so much fun!”."
Star Wars Jedi Power Battles
09/03/02 19:37:47 - Star Wars Jedi Power Battles Review
"The 3d environment is amazingly smooth and it looks like you were playing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.."
Crash Bandicoot
09/03/02 13:22:21 - Two Titans Clash Review
"Two titans clash, one is a classic and one is who wish's to replace him, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the Sonic and Crash Bandicoot WALKOFF."
Jak and Daxter
09/03/02 00:40:11 - Jak and Daxter Review
"Jak and Daxter is a bright and extremely well done platformer"
Incoming Forces
07/03/02 20:14:18 - Incoming Forces Review
"If you liked the original, you'll love this one"
Wizardry 8
02/03/02 18:55:32 - Wizardry 8 Review
"avid role players can enjoy about Wizardry 8; a long game with exotic locations, fun spells (of many uses) and massive weapons of many kinds "
Star Trek: Bridge Commander
28/02/02 18:09:57 - Star Trek Bridge Commander Review
"the most profound and impressive aspect is the music, I was deeply Sucked into the trekkie feeling as the ongoing soundtrack played in my ears"
Serious Sam SE
17/02/02 12:43:26 - Serious Sam SE Review
"if you’re looking for a game where you can simply eradicate legions of baddies you will want to have a look at Serious Sam 2."
Sim Golf
05/02/02 16:10:37 - Sim Golf Review
"if you adored The Sims, you might want to check this one out"
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
30/01/02 12:56:29 - Medal of Honor Review
"Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a very solid game with some very good features."
Civilization 3
22/01/02 18:04:38 - Civilization 3 Review
"This is strategy at its very finest."
Aliens VS Predator 2
01/01/02 17:12:07 - Aliens VS Predator 2 Review
"This is game that really gives you a lot of bang for your buck, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a healthy adrenaline rush!"
19/05/01 11:58:49 - Desperados Review
"if you like westerns, action and thorough planning and execution of missions then Desperados should definitely be something for you."
CIA Operative
16/05/01 15:37:43 - CIA Operative Review
"This is not a game you need. In a few weeks I doubt people will remember this game"
16/05/01 14:26:26 - America Review
"The Multiplayer component is the best thing about this game."
Fate of the Dragon
16/05/01 08:16:34 - Fate of the Dragon Review
"It is overall a good game, with many new original ideas."
Stupid Invaders
15/05/01 23:08:13 - Stupid Invaders Review
"Everything in the game pushes you to complete and keep playing it"
Clive Barker Undying
24/02/01 00:22:38 - Clive Barker Undying Review
"In short, the game is a must buy for every action loving gamer."
Far Gate
20/02/01 18:50:20 - Far Gate Review
"James Thrush and the rest of Super X Studios have made a very good real-time strategy game"