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Madden NFL 25
06/09/13 09:53:30 - Madden 25
"There’s a ton to see and do, and the game will easily keep you occupied over the duration of this NFL season and beyond."
BioShock Infinite
22/04/13 20:39:06 - BioShock Infinite
"BioShock Infinite comes close to hitting nearly every target and is not to be missed."
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14
25/03/13 20:20:05 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14
"I’ve enjoyed my time with Tiger 14 more than I have with any other game in the series—it feels like I’m really “in the game” more than ever before."
Gears of War: Judgment
19/03/13 22:13:22 - Gears of War: Judgment
"It's a shame there isn't more substance to keep Judgment from staling to mindless, meaningless shooting for points and standings on a leaderboard."
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
22/02/13 09:33:48 - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
"All in all though, it's a Platinum game...if you're familiar with their work, and are a fan of it, Revengeance won't create an exception to that perception."
DmC Devil May Cry
28/01/13 03:35:37 - DmC: Devil May Cry
"Ninja Theory and Capcom have created a fresh, exciting, and entirely successful take on the story of young Dante and his tale of retribution."
Hitman Absolution
20/11/12 02:37:42 - Hitman: Absolution
"Overall it's a skillful execution of functional aesthetics and believable gameplay."
007 Legends
30/10/12 03:02:32 - 007 Legends
"It isn't just another Bond-game letdown, it's a pretty shallow shooter as well."
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
24/10/12 20:46:48 - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
"All in all, Enemy Unknown is an amazing and value-laden product."
08/10/12 10:20:17 - Dishonored
"It's unfortunate the game has an ending."
Resident Evil 6
02/10/12 08:02:31 - Resident Evil 6
"Realistically, the greatest praise you can give a game shouldn't be, “It works!”"
Borderlands 2
30/09/12 10:46:34 - Borderlands 2
"It remains a part of a series in need of more things to do than going around guns blazing for XP. "
Sleeping Dogs
28/08/12 11:46:06 - Sleeping Dogs
"The game's setting is unique, its presentation is generally stellar and its gameplay a lot of fun"
Darksiders II
22/08/12 02:16:48 - Darksiders 2
"Darksiders 2 continues to show Vigil's strengths, but it also demonstrates why only making something bigger doesn't necessarily make it better"
Max Payne 3
03/07/12 02:17:57 - Max Payne 3
"Rockstar has crafted another polished title"
UFC Undisputed 3
17/02/12 08:43:19 - UFC Undisputed 3
"Yuke's took a good game...and made it a great game. "
Assassin's Creed Revelations
17/11/11 00:21:22 - Assassin's Creed Revelations
"Revelations provides for the same kind of experience as a yearly released sports title."
Saints Row: The Third
11/11/11 22:56:37 - Saints Row: The Third
"If more than unprejudiced violence and shootouts had wormed their way into the mix...Saints Row: The Third could've been exceptional"
04/10/11 10:52:02 - Rage
"There might be plenty of exceptional art work on display, but playing a game shouldn't only feel like an artist's interactive demo reel."
Gears of War 3
16/09/11 18:28:13 - Gears of War 3
"There are two ways to look at Gears of War 3: it's the best of the series; and, it's not a disappointing ending. "
Dead Island
09/09/11 22:54:18 - Dead Island
"It can be fun for a bit, and the outdoor environments look gorgeous (the recycled human models, not so much), but Dead Island doesn't offer much else."
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
06/09/11 21:32:15 - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
"Though the general gameplay might be shortsighted, have pacing deficiencies, and is fairly one-note, the mechanics behind it are sound."
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
23/08/11 01:00:42 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
"Here and there it's in need of some attention, but the groundwork is certainly there to build upon."
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
14/07/11 10:03:59 - Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
"With nothing to distract you from its single-track design, even its budget status is too weighty. It's a perfect bargain bin timesink, maybe."
Shadows of the Damned
11/07/11 09:45:22 - Shadows of the Damned
"It's mature sexual content (and immature sexual humor) that's woven together with gore-splattered gameplay set to a unique and refreshing sense of style."
F.E.A.R. 3
29/06/11 22:28:25 - F.E.A.R. 3
"The game makes no major missteps, but neither does it surprise, innovate or evolve the genre in any significant way."
Dungeon Siege 3
29/06/11 21:55:00 - Dungeon Siege 3
"Dungeon Siege III is not the Next Big Thing in action-RPGs, but it does the Old Thing pretty well."
Red Faction: Armageddon
06/06/11 09:56:50 - Red Faction: Armageddon
"Armageddon works, and there's at least a functional, mindless romp to be had, but it's not a surprising one worth revisiting or meant to contemplate."
L.A. Noire
25/05/11 22:12:58 - LA Noire
"Though its gameplay is less successful or interesting than its presentation, LA Noire definitely advances the art of digital storytelling. "
Dragon Age 2
11/03/11 20:34:55 - Dragon Age 2
"Without the thoughtful structure and fully realized world like that of Origins, it's one that exists in the hyphenated space of “action-RPG” where the first 5 h"
Fight Night Champion
07/03/11 08:00:20 - Fight Night Champion
"Clichés or not, Fight Night Champion scores a KO."
Rift: Planes of Telara
07/03/11 07:37:01 - Rift
"By sticking very closely to established conventions, the game is immediately accessible; but it's the wrinkles unique to the game that add welcome new dimension"
01/03/11 02:00:29 - Bulletstorm
"The game easily transcends its “return to roots” vibe for an experience that’s easily one of this year’s best."
Killzone 3
01/03/11 01:20:09 - Killzone 3
"The story may disappoint you but squaring off against the Helghast is still remarkably satisfying. "
de Blob 2: The Underground
23/02/11 00:29:22 - de Blob 2
"Without a doubt, de Blob is situated to become a marquee franchise for THQ and Blue Tongue."
Test Drive Unlimited 2
22/02/11 21:40:22 - Test Drive Unlimited 2
"The concept of a racing game that effortlessly integrates multiplayer looks great on paper, but the execution just doesn't cut it."
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
16/02/11 03:04:31 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
"There's a lot to love for longtime franchise fans and new challengers alike with fighting that's excitingly frantic. "
DC Universe Online
22/01/11 09:37:28 - DC Universe Online
"For certain though, fans of the beloved DC comics, action gamers, and MMO veterans will all find something to enjoy in DC Universe Online."
CrimeCraft: BLEEDOUT
13/01/11 23:52:09 - Crimecraft: Bleedout
"It's hard to recommend Crimecraft for the kind of long-term commitment an MMORPG typically requires."
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam
03/01/11 08:06:51 - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam
"Vietnam builds on the strengths of an already excellent game and provides the player with some incredibly well-made new content."
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Pigsy's Perfect 10 DLC
01/12/10 22:57:31 - Pigsy's Perfect 10
"Clever, entertaining, and generous, I only hope that Ninja Theory continues to create DLC as strong as this."
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
29/11/10 09:01:21 - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
"A few rough edges during solo play, but brighter promise in leveraging tight mechanics for a socially minded multiplayer affair. "
The Sly Collection
29/11/10 08:24:17 - The Sly Collection
"The Sly Collection continues to exhibit why good, older generation titles do well to bundle together in quality remastered editions."
Call of Duty: Black Ops
18/11/10 02:04:18 - Call of Duty: Black Ops
"Good as it is, let's hope Treyarch or Infinity Ward break the CoD template after this one, crack open the window, and let some good fresh air into the series."
James Bond 007: Blood Stone
09/11/10 23:02:03 - James Bond 007: Blood Stone
"Gameplay is straightforward and isn't composed of an enthralling story, but it's serviceable and more than playable."
Fist of the North Star
03/11/10 01:25:29 - Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
"Anything beyond the re-skinned Dynasty half only proves to be a chore."
Fist of the North Star
03/11/10 01:23:19 - Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
"Anything beyond the re-skinned Dynasty half only proves to be a chore."
ArcaniA: Gothic 4
27/10/10 00:49:16 - Arcania: Gothic 4
"For an RPG—as in life—just being pretty isn't enough. "
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
26/10/10 01:08:34 - God of War: Ghost of Sparta
"It's been quite a year for Kratos fans, full of high-definition, and Ghost of Sparta is simply a cherry-on-top experience. "