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The Polar Express
13/11/04 16:26:05 - Take A Trip To The North Pole On The Polar Express
"It's got some really well made cutscenes, some decent voice acting and okay graphics."
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
12/11/04 16:18:22 - Enter A World Of Demons With Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
"just tired of all the hack and slash RPGs that seem to be dominating the store shelves, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne is definitely a game to check out. "
Total Pro Basketball 2005
11/11/04 18:05:32 - Total Pro Basketball 2005
"It is cerebral where most other sports games gaudily play up the gladiatorial aspects of pro sports."
National Lampoon's University Tycoon
11/11/04 16:39:20 - National Lampoon's University Tycoon
"I can recommend this game to any fan of the tycoon genre."
Top Spin
10/11/04 16:25:14 - Top Spin (PC) Review
"If you're into tennis, or sports games in general, this game is a must have!"
GTA San Andreas
09/11/04 20:15:46 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review
"It is, in my opinion, the best single player experience available right now."
Sherlock Holmes The Silver Earring
09/11/04 16:18:09 - Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring Review
"The attractive graphics, excellent voice work and relatively coherent , if convoluted, story offer some promise.."
Project Gotham Racing 2
07/11/04 04:18:30 - Project Gotham Racing 2 Review
"I've never seen console racing games look so good."
Empires Dawn of the Modern World
07/11/04 04:13:01 - Empires Dawn of the Modern World Review
"An improvement over Empire Earth, with newer graphics, more settings, options, and the original EE editor."
SuperPower 2
06/11/04 17:31:57 - SuperPower 2 Review
"I recommend SuperPower2 to people that like world simulations or to people that wish they could run any country on earth in anyway they see fit."
Model Railroad Simulator
05/11/04 21:59:14 - Model Railroad Simulator Review
"Overall, Rail Road Model Simulator is a great game. It really made me feel like a kid again"
Midway Arcade Treasures 2
05/11/04 18:29:19 - Midway Arcade Treasures 2 Review
"if you are a 20-something who spent a lot of time in arcades growing up, just go out and by this."
King of Fighters Maximum Impact
02/11/04 17:02:25 - King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact Review
"It offers up nothing new, and really will only be pleasing to people who are already fans of the KoF series."
Alpha Black Zero
02/11/04 16:32:14 - Alpha Black Zero Review
"If you are looking a good budget shooter with squad elements than Alpha Black Zero might be a good choice for you."
01/11/04 15:58:40 - Kult: Heretic Kingdoms Review
"The story itself is also not your usual ‘Save the princess, defeat the evil forces and restore peace to the land’ malarkey. "
Shade: Wrath of Angels
01/11/04 15:05:27 - Dual Review: Shade: Wrath of Angels
"What Shade: Wrath of Angels really wants is to be taken as seriously as the genre juggernauts it’s obviously influenced by..."
Kao The Kangaroo
30/10/04 19:38:51 - Kao The Kangaroo
"Overall, Kao is a fun and addictive game... "
Heroes Chronicles Warlords of Wastelands
30/10/04 18:53:17 - Heroes Chronicles Warlords of Wastelands and Conquest of the Underworld
"sprite based games can't look much better than this."
Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders
30/10/04 17:31:52 - Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders Review
"Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders is a truly unique and enjoyable experience."
Guilty Gear Isuka
30/10/04 17:18:19 - Guilty Gear Isuka Review
"for fans of the series, or those lacking an Xbox, Isuka is still an overall great fighting game."
Shark Tale
29/10/04 17:43:50 - Shark Tale Review
"It’s well made for a movie-based game and kids who liked the movie will almost certainly enjoy the game."
Crash Twinsanity
26/10/04 18:29:17 - Crash Twinsanity Review
"Twinsanity is an extremely solid game, delivering tried and tested gameplay elements in a bandicoot-flavoured package..."
Evil Genius
26/10/04 18:05:35 - Evil Genius Review
"lots of black humor and lots and lots of evil deeds to perform - what else can an evil genius of tomorrow ask from a game?"
Katamari Damacy
26/10/04 17:51:11 - Katamari Damacy Review
"while it lasts, you'll keep playing.... and you're gonna be smiling and having a fun time doing so."
Void War
25/10/04 16:53:26 - PC Void War Review
"Void War was truly built for the multiplayer experience..."
Second Sight
22/10/04 18:10:55 - PS2 Second Sight Review
"What you have here is a combination of solid elements into a cohesive and appealing whole."
Star Wars Battlefront (old)
22/10/04 17:54:25 - PC Star Wars: Battlefront Review
"If you are a real Star Wars fan you don't stand a chance at putting this down."
Hearts of Iron - Platinum
21/10/04 17:12:47 - PC Hearts of Iron Platinum Review
"For the price and the quality of the game, Hearts Of Iron Platinum is the best WWII strategy simulation on the market currently."
Gradius V
21/10/04 16:55:09 - Gradius V Review
"Gradius V is a game that should be held up as one of the greatest this genre has to offer. "
Tales of Symphonia
20/10/04 18:09:20 - Tales of Symphonia GC Review
"I'd recommend picking this one up and giving it a go..."
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
19/10/04 16:48:33 - PS2 THUG 2 Review
"If you’re not a fan of the Tony Hawk games...well, what the hell is your problem, go get this game."
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
11/10/04 17:58:43 - PC THUG 2 Review
"The additions of some new tricks and ways of extending combos as well as getting more air add more challenge to the game."
Vietcong Purple Haze
11/10/04 17:34:21 - Xbox Vietcong: Purple Haze Review
"After all its flaws, Vietcong: Purple Haze comes out as a very mediocre shooter in a market of excellent shooters."
Outpost Kaloki
09/10/04 17:07:41 - PC Outpost Kaloki Review
"Great gameplay that keeps you on your toes."
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
08/10/04 17:47:00 - PC Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Review
"If nothing else, Dawn of War has created a cornerstone for itself, with a presence as potent and unique as its pen-and-paper ancestor."
Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude
08/10/04 17:14:22 - PC Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Review
"Once you get far enough with a chick you bring her back to your room and either watch her strip to her underwear or have sex with her."
Rome: Total War
07/10/04 16:41:59 - PC Rome: Total War Review
"No other game so expertly combines a cerebral challenge with visceral thrills."
Codename Panzers: Phase One
06/10/04 16:43:03 - PC Codename Panzers: Phase One Review
"with all of the mediocre games out there that use WWII as it’s main marketing ploy, Codename Panzers: Phase One is a big step up"
Port Royale 2
06/10/04 16:14:47 - PC Port Royale 2 Review
"Port Royale 2 can take a lot of work to get into, but if you are willing to put forth the effort, you can find a deeply rewarding experience."
Spy Fiction
06/10/04 15:45:44 - PS2 Spy Fiction Review
"Spy Fiction, another entry in the genre, does nothing more than re-create something we have already seen."
Shadow Ops Red Mercury
05/10/04 17:53:55 - PC Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Review
"At first glance, Shadow Ops: Red Mercury offers everything you could want from an action filled first person shooter"
GBA Movie Player v2
05/10/04 16:45:35 - GBA Movie Player v2 Review
"I’m glad to see, or actually hear, that the quality of the audio has greatly improved."
Kohan 2: Kings of War
04/10/04 18:11:27 - PC Kohan II: Kings of War Review
"All of the aspects of a great game were there: Good graphics, good sound, great AI, and compelling story."
Arena Wars
04/10/04 17:38:46 - PC Arena Wars Review
"Everything considered, Arena Wars is a real joy to play if you're looking for a unique fast paced game with some strategy elements."
Street Racing Syndicate
02/10/04 17:52:35 - PS2 Street Racing Syndicate Review
"If you are a fan of street racing especially with Japanese cars then I highly recommend Street Racing Syndicate"
Terminator 3: Redemption
01/10/04 17:55:33 - PS2 Terminator 3: The Redemption Review
"It’s pretty great to blow up a police car and then hear “Arnold” say, “talk to the hand,”"
30/09/04 17:00:49 - Xbox Fable Review
"It’s been a long time coming and now that it’s here I must say I’m impressed in many ways."
Dark Fall Lights Out
27/09/04 17:37:02 - PC Dark Fall: Lights Out Review
"For a game that takes place all on one tiny little island, Lights Out: Dark Fall 2 keeps you guessing and discovering right from the beginning"
Knights of Honor
27/09/04 17:01:49 - PC Knights of Honor Review
"Those interested in historical battles have had a few awesome ones to choose from, and Knights of Honor ought to be one to look out for as well."
Call of Duty United Offensive
22/09/04 18:17:58 - PC Call Of Duty: United Offensive Review
"To put it simply, Call of Duty: United Offensive carries the torch from the original and doesn't skip a beat."